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Our Amazing Dog Arthur

Updated on September 29, 2015


Years ago a skinny starved , hungry stray dog was walking by the side of our highway. He was so sad that we could not ignore him, so I walked up to pet him ,and to bring him to our house. My wife JoAnn walked outside ,and saw the animal as well, and came to help . We brought the dog into our house ,and JoAnn prepared some food in a bowl , and the dog enjoyed it.

We kept the large male dog that looked like a yellow lab with shepherd mixed, and it became a wonderful fun dog . One day a neighbor man lost his wallet in his yard. Arthur found the wallet which had the man's house rent in it.

JoAnn , and I decided to keep Arthur, and we took good care of him, and in a few months he became very beautiful with a nice clean shinny coat. Arthur had a good disposition. Kids next door played with him all the time along a side street every day, and every weekend. It was not long before everyone wanted to keep Arthur, but JoAnn , and I kept him to make sure that he would never starve again.

One day my wife brought the dog into our house. When she turned her back for a moment our large magnificent dog that seemed to be part a loveable Labrador Retriever just jumped on top of our bed, and that was how JoAnn gave him the name of King Arthur.

Arthur was a grateful loyal dog that felt very happy ,and comfortable belonging to us. He continued to play with children, and he became a wonderful, and loving friend to our disabled daughter Becky.

Yet on one special day Arthur did something quite remarkable, heroic , and fantastic. He saved the life of a small child. I was sleeping when I woke up to the sound of Arthur constantly barking, and barking, and barking. When I looked outside I saw Arthur standing in front of a large toy pedal car that had a little boy sitting in it.

It all happened far away. I had to walk a good distance before I could see what was actually going on which was that the dog was blocking the child from peddling the peddle car straight into the highway traffic. The dog stood his ground in front of the child in the pedal car, and would not move one inch. Arthur was determined to block, and keep the child from getting on the highway, and the dog never stopped barking.

In the name of God in Heaven Almighty what I have said is true. The dog refused to move. If the child would have pedaled his car on the highway he would have been most definitely killed because there was a curve where the motorists would not have had time to see, react fast enough to stop. A number of motorists had been killed because of the curve.

Quickly I ran out to the little boy, and to Arthur as fast as I could. Because of what Arthur did , I was able to bring the little boy to his mother. The little boy's parents were shocked that such a disaster almost happened. They were grateful that Arthur saved their child's life.

Jo Ann, and I were proud of Arthur. We loved him dearly, and he lived a long ,and happy life. And on his dog house I painted his name on a wooden plaque. Arthur deserved the title of King. I always made sure I told everyone about the fantastic thing he did.

Now as I look back I am so positively sure that God played a big role in helping Arthur to save that little boy. Arthur was only a few feet away from a dreadfully deadly highway that had, and awful reputation as a really bad curve. The dog had no fear of the highway. He only thought about the little boy. God made Arthur , and intelligent dog.


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    • stars439 profile image

      stars439 7 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Dear ted: Thank you for visiting. I am saddened over the loss of your dog. They become so much a part of our hearts.We remember them as much as we do people that we love. God Bless You Dear Friend.

    • profile image

      ted 7 years ago

      We also had a dog named Arthur, we got him the ASPA in Chicagoheights. He was as gentle as a baby and everybody's friend. He always tried to befriend wild animals and things that he found in our yard which lead him into problems especially with skunks and things that bite, opossums and such. We eventually lost our wonderful friend to cancer.

    • stars439 profile image

      stars439 7 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Dear pastella13: Thank you for your nice thoughts. We really loved Arthur. He lived a very long time. Everyone in

      town was crazy about him. It surprised me that day what happened. It had to be God's work and a sweet dog. God Bless you Dear Heart for your visit.

    • profile image

      pastella13 7 years ago

      What a wonderful memory to share with us. King Arthur was an amazing dog. It is heart - warming to hear of things like that. What a wonderful dog who truly deserved to have such a love - filled home as your own.