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A Duet....Tuned Out & A Modern Beethoven's Unfinished Symphony.

Updated on October 7, 2009


A Duet...."Tuned Out." &  "A modern Beethoven's fit."




"Tuned Out."
My guitar squats
a wallflower
in the nook where
I last stood it up
its sound hole
is yawning
just another
cause it's known
quite a few
and though it's
high strung
it frets not
while it notes
my refraining
from its presents
it composes
while it waits
to be plucked
from its solo
but this interval
irks me
inspiration unvoiced
not by choice
while my old friend
stands watch
his pick guard on alert
hoping soon
for some input
but it's out
of my hands
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MFB III
A Modern Beethoven's Fit.
close by
quite unbalanced
my piano
huddles upright
with an impish grin s t r e t c h i n g
many smooth ivory teeth
span it's smirk
some are black
sharp or flat
like the cavities found
in a neglected mouth
It's expressions
once called
all my fingers
to tap dance
worthy sounds
cross it's boards
filling my heart
with mirth
but the only urge now
drawing me
to it's girth
is some Pledge
and some ragtime
wiping dust
from it's face
since I last
flipped it's lid
in a moment
of rage
over notes that
fell short
of some wrinkled
up sheets
of a waltz
now unfinished
crumpled up
in a ball
near three pedals
now footless
where no
one cuts a rug
cause the song
died at birth


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