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A Few Must See TV Shows

Updated on February 21, 2015

These are some of my top-picked shows that are still currently in production. These shows are completely my opinion and I avoided any type of spoilers in my description. Please enjoy.

Game of Thrones

This HBO show is filled with sexual content and gore. If you can see past that, this show is a real gem. It takes a while but once you warm up to this show, you will not be able to stop watching.

Game of Thrones gives you a variety of main characters to fall in love with and make your own opinions of them and gives each of them proper time in each episode.

I recommend this to anyone with a love of medieval times, brutality, suspense and surprise. And the occasional love story.

Game of Thrones is a show that will never stop surprising you. If a main character is lost, don't be surprised.

Beginning in April of 2011, This show has completed four successful seasons thus far and is releasing season five this April.

This show is not for the weary eyed as it has adultry, murder, deceit, incest themes and much more. A definite no-go to watch with children of any age around.

The Blacklist

The blacklist is a crime-drama series with two main characters and a few important side characters.

The Blacklist is set up where it has nearly a different conflict for every episode or two, depending on the episode (some are longer conflict needs two or three episodes, and some add to the continuing conflict). There is also an underlying conflict with the main characters that is continuous throughout the story.

This show gets intense and is gorey at several points so it's not suited for children but if you aren't a fan of intense crime-drama's, I definitely recommend you still check this series out as it isn't always like a typical show in its genre.

This is a story of love and finding out who you really are. With action and emotion, this show is a must-see.

The first episode premiered in September of 2013 and is currently in season two. The Blacklist is on NBC on Thursday Nights at 9pm central time.

Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black is a show based in a womens prison with nearly all women characters. While that may be a turn-off for some, I will say this is another must watch for males and females.

Like Game of Thrones in one matter, it is a show with one really main character and a ton of side characters who you learn a lot about through episodes.

OITNB is also based off of a true story by Piper Kerman and while it is inspired by the book, they are not following the book in most areas.

The first season was released on netflix in July of 2013 and is soon to release season three coming this July. You must have a netflix subscription to watch this series as it is a netflix original.

As with the others, not a show for children.

The Walking Dead

Ah, The famous Walking Dead. Either this show has a lot of love or a lot of hate. But with the action, emotion, and character development this show has, it is a show that anyone should try out just once.

The Walking Dead is a tv series based off of a comic book series by Robert Kirkman and like OITNB it doesn't follow the comic books closely.

The series takes place during the zombie Apocalypse and showcases many drops and turns. This show is big into character development and if that is what you go for then this is the show for you. During the show you really see how characters are changing throughout what they go through, shedding their hopes, beliefs, and lifestyles as zombies overtake their lives.

The Walking Dead first aired in October of 2010 and is currently in season five and is on AMC on Sunday nights at eight o'clock central time followed by a talk show just for The Walking Dead (properly named "The Talking Dead") which is a must watch to hash out some of your feelings from the episode and to get a sneak peek for the next episode.

Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin is a new show on the CW right now that features a young girl who becomes a pregnant virgin (well, obviously).

While it sounds silly this show is full of love and emotion and has the mixture of really serious life matters and then it shows very funny situations. It is a perfect mix of funny and real.

This is a show that almost anyone can watch really while it has older themes it is more acceptable to watch with little ones around. Always be weary though as there are some choice words that are said throughout the show.

Jane the Virgin is very quirky and definitely one hundred percent lighter than the shows above. It's on this list because it is fun and is easy going to watch.

Jane the Virgin first aired in October of 2014 and is on The CW and it is currently in season one playing at eight o'clock central time on Monday night.

Crazy as it may seem, the last on my list is Vampire Diaries. While this may seem like a show just for teen girls, after the first season it really starts evolving into a show that anyone can love.

The Vampire Diaries is based loosely off of a book series by L.J Smith. If you didn't get it from the title this is a show with vampires but not the silly kind from Twilight these vampires are more realistic (if that's possible) and tough. The Vampire Diaries even has very horror like moments and can keep you on the edge of the seat.

I believe it is something most people could watch and enjoy. Like Jane the Virgin, this is more kid-friendly than the others (although not so much at certain points).

The Vampire Diaries is in season six having originally premiered in September of 2009 (trust me, it's not too late to catch up with this one, you can use that netflix subscription you buy for OITNB) and is on the CW on Thursday nights at nine o'clock central.

Would you like to see my top picks of all time?

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