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A Fish Called Wanda

Updated on February 07, 2014

Another excellent comedy that masters the descent into insanity. It begins as a jewel heist, but once the jewels are moved from their location, each thief is trying to outsmart the other and get away with the goods. The characters includes, Ken Pile (Michael Palin) a man with a stutter, Otto (Kevin Kline) a jealous psycho who reads philosophy and misunderstands it, Wanda Gershwitz (Jamie Lee Curtis) a skank looking for love, Archie Leach (John Cleese) a judge looking for love. What could not be funny?

Kevin Kline is easiest the most hilarious. He is in love with Wanda and is suspicious of every guy around her. Of course, he has a right to be suspicious because she has slept or at least made out with every guy around her. However, he is also incredibly jealous, but he constantly will not admit it because "jealousy is for the weak" according to Nietzsche. In some circumstances Wanda is actually trying to seduce people to get the jewels, like Judge Leach. Unfortunately, Otto is so jealous he sneaks in to spy on them. Even at the end of the film, when Wanda chooses to run away with Leach, Otto climbs on the wing of the plane to spy on them. He is also covered in cement because Ken steam rolled him in wet cement as revenge for eating his pet fishes, raw. That is just a taste as to how ridiculous this is.

Of course, the one sour point, theme. Wanda and Leach run away with the stolen jewels. Personal, I think there is a more hilarious ending where they could all get punished, even though the little updates at the end of the film are pretty funny. Apparently, Otto becomes Minister of Justice in South Africa, and Leach and Wanda found a leper colony in Argentina.


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