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A Girl's Guide to Making Your Boyfriend Watch A Movie With You

Updated on July 9, 2016
Pretty Accurate
Pretty Accurate

Having Trouble?

If you are like most couples like me then you have a hard time getting your boyfriend to watch a television show or a movie, whether it's something new or something that you like. Good news! I can help. So you can push that chair back under the table, put the rope and duct tape back in the garage. Before you get back to that point, try my tips or advice to see if it works first. If nothing that I say next works then by all means, it's time to start getting creative.

Nom Noms!

100% Accurate Picture of How We React in a Candy Store or Any Place With My Favorite Foods
100% Accurate Picture of How We React in a Candy Store or Any Place With My Favorite Foods

Step One: Get Comfy!

This is an important step for me: if you have a boyfriend like mine that enjoys laying down on your lap to watch with you, then let him. No matter if it's "your turn to cuddle," or if he's taking up most of the couch in the process. Make that sacrifice- later on if he gets into it he will share the couch with you. Bed, where ever you are watching, and really get into it with you. But also while trying to "get comfy" or trapping him in your little web make sure that there are plenty of snacks and/or drinks that you both enjoy so that there won't be multiple trips to the kitchen to refill and then you return to see that your spot was taken by either the family pet (It's cats for me) or him, hogging up the couch, and look at that! instead of having his head in your lap you get his legs sprawled across your lap. This is the part where you make your sacrifice, because no matter if you want to run your fingers through his hair while watching, you have to make sure that he is comfy. A comfy boyfriend is a happy boyfriend.

Step Two: Start Off With Something That He Likes

Thankfully, I have an adorkable boyfriend and we like a lot of the same stuff from nerdy to action-packed, from cartoons to live action. But if there is something that you don't like to where you think that it is the most boring because they watch it all day and night, bite the bullet and sit through it and stick with it for at least one episode before you make your move or give up and play on your phone the entire time or walk out of the room. If you play on your phone then that gives him the idea that you aren't interested in it and it also gives him the Okay to start another one. So no matter if you want to protect your clan on a game or see what Becky's new selfie looks like on Facebook, turn off your phone. Also if you don't start with what he likes don't just go straight to Orange Is the New Black or The Notebook, you will lose him and risk the chance of him falling asleep or playing on his phone. If he likes horror, grab your pillow and Deadpool plushie and bite that bullet!

Step Three: Ease Him Into It

Once you've started with something that he likes, then talk a little about it. Show him that you are interested (even if you aren't.) If he asks if you want to watch another, then there's your chance to inject your idea of what to watch next. Preferably nothing too "mushy" or in their mind- "girly," to start out with. You don't want to scare them away or look like they are pouting or in pain throughout the entire flick. My favorites are animated movies or comedies like Hotel Transylvania because it represents us and relates to us as a couple. I'm his "weird and dorky Vampire," with my natural mini fangs and enjoying anything from HotTopic. He's my country-ish boy that loves the Kansas City Royals and adores going for drives in the country to relax and clear his mind. But enough about us- let's get back to the topic at hand, we're almost done, stay with me here!

Step 3.5: Keep His Interest

You want to make sure that your partner is into it as well, make sure that you laugh or giggle at the parts you like and sneak peeks at him every now and then to make sure he is interested. Don't be weird and just stare at him, wide-eyed and snickering, he might think that you are a mental case, and needs to be faaaar on the other side of the couch from you. If he sees you laughing a bit, then he might show some interest and enjoy it. If he isn't, and you are watching a Pixar or Disney movie, there really isn't anything softer than that other than Teletubbies and then he will think that you're an idiot and he just robbed the cradle or that you have a weird fetish with Tinkie Winkie. If that happens then you should stop what you're doing and just go get the rope and duct tape.

Step Four: Final Step
Step Four: Final Step

You Got 'Em Right Where You Want 'Em

If you've made it this far then congrats! You didn't need the rope! I'm proud of you. My little Padawan is all grown up to a Jedi, not quite a master yet, though. If you have him right where you want him and he is as into it as you are, then look down- you may need refills and more snacks. If you made it this far then make sure that you have everything that you need, make sure that he is comfy because at this point it should be your turn to cuddle up to him finally and to get comfy with him. Then start the next movie or show, let him pick or start another episode. Maybe if you're lucky and he liked what he just watched then he will let you chose the next one!

How was it?

Let us know in the comments below what you guys like to watch or if you have new ways to trap your lover into watching a show with you! Also let us know how you thought of this article and if it helped in any way! GOOD LUCK! Sincerely,



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