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A Guide to Asking Oprah Winfrey For Money

Updated on July 3, 2012

Asking Oprah Winfrey for money may be your last choice if you are stuck in a very bad financial position after an accident, natural disaster, or after a family tragedy. Oprah is well-known for her generosity throughout her career on her chat show. When it feels like there are no other options contacting celebrities like this is a great choice when looking for help. It can be hard to be heard but if you know how to go about asking Oprah Winfrey for money then you are going to have a much higher chance for success. In this guide we take a look at a few tips that will help you get the assistance you require.

Oprah Donations Through Charities

Sometimes getting a letter, email, or phone call through to a famous celebrity can take a long time and sometimes your call for help can simply be lost in with all of the other cries for attention. People like Ms. Winfrey are extremely busy as their celebrityhood is essentially a business that they have to run 24 hours a day seven days a week. Sometimes the easiest way to get assistance from people in their position is actually through an intermediary of some sort. In oprah's case this is typically through a charity. Ms. Winfrey is known as the queen of charity and through her combined efforts on her shows, tours and through her work with charities she has helped thousands of people when they needed it. If you need help then your best bet to get an Oprah Winfrey donation is actually by going through one of the charities she works with. Find one that is suited to your situation and get into contact with them.

The Oprah Winfrey Network Phone Number

One of the more immediate ways of asking Oprah Winfrey for money is by calling her network 'OWN'. On the official Oprah website you can find contact details for the OWN network. Sometimes you may have to send an online enquiry before you are given a phone number to call but other times there is a listed phone number for the network - usually during events and tours. When you call you should politely ask to be put on with someone who can speak to Oprah on your behalf. You will not be trying to talk to her yourself immediately but simply getting your story relayed to her or someone who makes decisions can be enough of a chance. When you make the call you want to be polite, tell them your details, a brief overview of your situation and a realistic way that you could be helped.

How Much Money for College Could You Get?

If you are a needy college student then you may be wondering about how much money you could get for college? The answer could be enough to fully pay for your studies if your story is unique and touching. Oprah has been known to reach out and help people who are in dire need but who are still showing strong resolve. If you have fallen on hard times then you should still try your best to make the best life for yourself and your family that you can. This is exactly the type of story that can attract a celebrities attention.

How to Send Oprah Mail Asking for Money

Sending mail asking for money and other support is one of the best ways that you can get your story across. It gives you a full page to write about your need and to communicate how you could be helped. Start off by introducing yourself, giving an introduction to the purpose of the letter and thanking them in advance for taking the time to read on. Then you can communicate your story in as much detail as possible but without making it too long.

The Queen of Advice - Oprah's Financial Advice

Besides actually getting money directly from Oprah herself, one of the best things you can do is to simply use the financial advice she has provided throughout here long running TV series. You may actually find that your main adversity is simply poor financial and debt management and that some sound Oprah financial advice is all that you need. Oprah and leadership through adversity are almost synonymous with each other and Ms. Winfrey has countless episodes about people in dire financial situations and how they got out of it, instead of asking Oprah Winfrey for money try just checking through her episodes for one that can help you.


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