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A Guy Bought Two Lottery Tickets Because He Needed To Break A Bill, And He Became A Millionaire

Updated on January 24, 2015

Need a good lift me up story? Then read the rest of this Hub, as it will tell you about a guy who became a millionaire! And this happened recently.

Man Wins Millions After Buying Scratch Tickets After Breaking $100 Bill At Store

We love it when good things happen to people, especially when it involves into a large sum of cash, and unexpectedly! What we are referring to is a guy over in the state of Massachusetts, in America. This guy decided that he would buy some lottery tickets because he had a $100 bill that he needed to break. So, what he did was break the bill by getting some tickets and then he ended up getting lucky and won a whole lot of cash! How much cash are we talking about here? Try a few million dollars.

The two tickets he bought was sold at a grocery store in Boston, and it was one his lunch break when he purchased the tickets. Can you imagine how pumped up this guy was when he checked his tickets and discovered that he won $10 million? We are thinking he was extremely happy and probably shocked because let's face it, not many of us expect to win millions of dollars while on our lunch break after buying a couple of $20 scratch tickets. Sure, he has to pay taxes on the money and decided to take a one-time payment, but he will still get around $6 million.

The guy is planning on not wasting the money either, as he has plans on using some of his new cash to purchase a house, which is awesome because chances are he will be able to buy a home in cash and then not have to worry about making mortgage payments. Not only is he planning on buying a home, but he does want to make some investments, so hopefully he invests into something that will provide him with a good ROI! Perhaps the best thing he is going to use some of this money for is taking his granddaughter to Disney World! Now how cool is that?!

Oh, and let's not forget about the grocery store that sold him the tickets. They are going to receive $50,000, which is not a bad chunk of change at all and we are sure that the store's owner/owners are happy about that because chances are they didn't expect to sell a ticket that was worth millions of dollars.

We Wish Him The Best

As we said before, we are happy for this guy and we wish him nothing but the best. And we also hope he makes some awesome investments and enjoys his trip to Disney World with his family.


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