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A Liar and A Broken Girl

Updated on March 19, 2016

Usotsuki Mi-kun to Kowareta Ma-chan

details about the Japanese movie "A Liar and Broken Girl"

Whether you may be looking for the next movie to watch or have already watched the movie and just needs to know more info about it, you may want to see this article.

Movie Details

Movie Title: A Liar and a Broken Girl (Usotsuki Mii-kun to Kawareta Maa-chan)

Directed by: Natsuki Seta

Assistant Director: Takeo Kikuchi

Genre: Mystery, Romance, Drama

Release Date: January 22, 2011

Origin: Japan


Town of Nagi in Japan


Mayu Misono (Aya Omasa) - a pretty sophomore who isolates herself from everyone around her. She is a kidnapping and physical (mental and maybe even sexual) abuse survivor. Ten years ago, she is locked up by a psychotic kidnapper with her childhood friend, Mii-kun in a garage. After the incident, she had become quick-tempered and violent. She is called Mayu-chan.

Mii-kun (Shota Sometani) - the child who had become Mayu's companion during the kidnapping incident 10 years ago. He shows up one day and claims that his return was to protect Mayu. After the kidnapping incident, he had developed a habit of telling lies and now claims that his existence is the biggest lie in Mayu's life.

Detective Kamiyashi - police detective working on the case of the Nagi High School serial killer. She suspects a link between the killings and Maa-chan and Mii-kun's abduction case from 10 years ago. She pressures Mii-kun to cooperate but ends up being pushed against the wall and warned by the lad.

Detective Fujita - Detective Kamiyashi's partner on the Nagi High School murder case. He easily gets tired and always whines about various things in his life. He might just be pressured though because his wife is about to deliver a child.

Doctor Sakashita - the psychiatrist that treats Mii-kun and Mayu-chan. While, Mii-kun trusts her and confides with her, Mayu-chan hates her. She is the only one who really knows Mii-kun's identity. She talks like a child and reads through Mii-kun's play of words.

Michizani Sugawara - Mayu's classmate, the President and role model of the class. His nickname "Michi" literally means "the road" or "the path" in Japanese. Among Mayu's classmates, he is the only one who can force her to stay inside the classroom. He becomes interested in Mayu's relationship with Mii-kun after seeing the lad on their school's rooftop and Mayu kissing Mii-kun in the middle of class.


Ten years ago, two children were kidnapped and locked up in a storeroom. The girl - Mayu Misono together with a childhood friend, Mii-kun had to experience physical and mental abuse from a psychotic kidnapper who even took pictures of them together with his own son. At night, in Mii-kun's recollection, Mayu was also raped by their kidnapper as he was in one corner, helpless. When the two children were rescued, they had to undergo psychiatric treatment and got separated.

One day, Mii-kun and Mayu reunites and start to live together. Mii-kun soon finds out that Mayu had kidnapped two children- Anzu and Kouta Ikeda and kept them locked in her own apartment. To cope up with the trauma the incident had caused her, Mayu has become indifferent to others (except for Mii-kun) and unreasonably violent when angered. Despite this, Mii-kun has promised to protect Mayu even to the point of helping her keep the children.

At the same time, a serial killer has been on the loose and has been preying on high school girls as victims. Detective Kamiyashi and Detective Fujita works on this case and suspects that the serial killer may be connected to the kidnapping incident from 10 years ago. They investigate to the survivors whereabouts and gets in touch with Dr. Sakashita, Mayu and Mii-kun's psychiatrist.

Mii-kun attempts to have both he and Mayu treated but to his dismay, Dr. Sakashita suggests to leave Mayu on her own pace as forcing her might just lead to Mayu wanting to attempt suicide. Mii-kun who ever since has become Mayu's world, decides to stay by her side.

Detective Kamiyashi catches up with Mayu and Mii-kun. She tries to encourage the two to cooperate but is unsuccessful. Mii-kun keeps everything hidden from Mayu and creates a plan to absolve Mayu of the possible kidnapping case. His plans soon lead to opening old wounds and unearthing memories of what had really happen 10 years ago, not to mention the capture of the unexpected serial killer.


A Liar and A Broken Girl is a mind puzzling fun ride. For a psychological movie with a dark story (kidnapping, murder, psychosis, trauma), the director, the staff and the cast was able to put together a movie that is able to set the mood of the audience interchangeably from heavy violence to light melodrama sometimes funny present of the main characters. Unfortunately, I believe I will never be able to determine whether the original light novel itself is at par with the movie as the translated version is incomplete online. Some alterations were done in the beginning to make the past scarier and the serial killer much unpredictable. The light novel was told on the first person point of view while the movie switches from third person to first person just at the right time to hide the clues that could have helped the audience determine what was the ending to the movie. Natsuki Seta, Sachiko Tanaka and Hitoma Iruma were just not so generous when it comes to clues and hints.

I find the movie a roller coaster of emotions. The present setting and made me wonder at how Maa-chan can be so adorable yet scary at the same time. Together with Mii-kun, they create a cute couple and yet her obsession to Mii-kun can be annoying at times. From her forcing him to be together with her always to forcing him to go to her school; and even at the end when we find out Mii-kun's real identity, I was really affected that she doesn't even bother to notice him just because he was not Mii-kun. Although I understand that Mii-kun has become her everything and was a prince she looked up to as a defense mechanism, it is really sad that she loved the image of Mi-kun more than the real person who had helped her through ups and downs. Mii-kun was more annoying actually because of his constant staring at the camera saying his favorite line "That's a lie". I guess they didn't take that off as that would have change the balance of the weird yet funny and annoyingly weird present and the disgusting and violent dark past. All I can say is that the present and the flashbacks were weaved creatively so the story goes on while explaining how the two children came to be who they are currently. I hated that part though when I thought Mii-kun would die and yet he survived on what normal person would have probably died on- blood lost. Don't get me wrong! I wanted him to survive, but I hoped there was a logical explanation as to how he survived that overnight bleeding. Well, the movie was full of surprises to start with. The metaphors and hyperbole just kept mixing with reality and I sometimes even lost track for a minute or so. So I don't even know if the overnight bleeding was a metaphor of the lost past flowing or whether it was real.

From beginning to end, I feel a psychologist messing up with my screws. The story ends with a still far from normal confession then kiss in the middle of a road while the cars honking and the sound of wheels screeching signifying that the two youngsters had just caused a vehicular accident. If there's one thing consistent in this movie, it is - weirdness. This definitely killed the boredom! I usually don't like mystery and psychological movies but this kept my eyes on the screen. Although it left me a headache, I still recommend it for someone who loves psychological and mystery movies as long as you don't mind a character's cutesy mannerism.


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