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A List Of All Pro Tools 9 Plugins Free Trials

Updated on February 8, 2011
Pro Tools 9 Plugins Free Trials
Pro Tools 9 Plugins Free Trials

Just like when buying a new car, you should test drive Pro Tools 9 Plugins before you purchase them.  These can be RTAS plugins that run native on Pro Tools 9 or TDM plugins that use the DSP processing power of Pro Tools HD.  It is free to do so and gives you an idea of how useful they will be to you and just what kind of quality you will be receiving for the purchase price. Plus it gives you a change to compare different companies version of the same type of plugin to see which one you think is best instead of having to buy them all and then not using some of them. For the same reason everyone is not driving the same type of car, everyone will also not like the same exact plugins for the same exact reasons.

Wave Arts offers free 30 days trials of all of their plugins. The Wave Arts plug ins are mostly for mastering so these are for the advanced Pro Tools user.  The plug in demos are available for Mac OSX Panther, Tiger and Leopard and also for Windows users of Vista, XP and Windows 7 both 32 and 64 bit.

Massey offers an unlimited free trial of their plugins.  The only catch is that you cannot save your settings.  The Pro Tools plug ins are actually pretty affordable, so if you see that you are using them a lot it would definitely benefit you to purchase them.  Massey Pro Tools Plugins are available for Power PC or Intel Macs as well as for Windows users.

Blue Cat Audio offers all their Pro Tools plugins as a free demo.  The demo limitation are that only one instance of the plugin maybe be loaded at a time and at regular intervals the plug in is bypassed.  This gives you plenty of room to try out the plugins at Blue Cat Audio and see which one you like before you buy them.  These are also available for Power PC as well as Intel Macs and also Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Native Instruments offers most of their plugins as free demos with limited use like 14 days and 30 minutes per time the plug in is opened and no saving ability.  Their Pro Tools Plugins are really awesome and need to be tried out to really be appreciated.  Demos include Massive, Absynth 5, Reaktor, Battery 3 and more.  These RTAS plugins are available for Apple and Windows.

Sonnox Oxford offers 15 day trials of all of their plugins without any restriction to help persuade you to shell out the cash for them at the end of the trial period.  Their plug ins are high quality but that also comes with a high price tag.  Luckily, there is a deal to be had.  When you purchase more than on Sonnox Oxford plugin you will receive a discount and the more you buy the higher the percentage of the discount.

Crysonic offer unlimited demos of their plugin with the exception of a small amount of silence every 20-40 seconds.  You can really get a feel for how they work but you would definitely need to buy them to actually produce any sort of music with them.  A lot of time these plugins go on extreme specials like 75% off, so if you decide to purchase it may be wise to wait for such a sale.

Downloading Pro Tools 9 Free Trial plugins is a great way to get to know expensive equipment before you purchase it and I highly recommend it.


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    • AlanSwenson profile image

      AlanSwenson 5 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      @vocalcoach3 nope. that is way too complicated of a process. To un-naturally make a male voice feminine you could pitch shift it up. If you could easily make a male voice female then you could easily just sing however you want and make it sounds like whoever else you want (aka celebrities) and that is just not possible with today's technology.

    • profile image

      vocalcoach3 5 years ago

      is there a plugin, for purchase or otherwise, for protools 9 that changes a male voice to female?

    • trecords0 profile image

      trecords0 6 years ago from DeLand, Florida

      I find the Waves plugs very useful. I noticed you did not mention any of the Izotope one. I use Advanced RX2 a lot and Ozone sometimes. I also like the Blue Cats as well. Thanks for a great Hub.