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A List of My Funny Kid's Quotes or Actions

Updated on June 12, 2012

Funny Things my Kids Say/DO:

First you have to know the kids a little. Lily is the oldest of the 3, she is forever the mother and just turned 4. Ben is the middle child and my first boy and I do mean BOY he is 2 ½. The youngest is Connor he is just 5 months and a very happy baby (yes even at 5 months he does the funniest things).

1. Ben asks me what we are having for lunch. I reply, “Grilled cheese.” He starts crying hysterically. Me, very confused, “What is the matter?” He replies, “I don’t want girl cheese, I WANT boy cheese!”

2. Lily puts on a bright blue Easter hat. Struts over to me and says, “Don’t I look stunning?”

3. Connor middle of opening prayer a church lets out the LOUDEST burp, the ENTIRE congregation burst into laughter as my face turns beat red.

4. Lily sitting in the car on the way to the store, “Mom are we really going to Kmart Smart because the commercials are not that great.”

5. Ben, waddling toward me with his arms stretched out….”I’m a ZOOOMMMBIIEEEE, better run”.

6. Lily, eating pretzel sticks, proudly exclaims, “Look Mom I made a Wal-Mart sign”. (We shop too much).

7. Lily runs to the driver’s side door of my car. “I’m going to drive to the store, because I am 4 now and 4 year old drive, OK Mom?”

8. Lily placed her Barbie into the passenger seat of her car. “You can sit in the honey seat while I drive.”

9. Connor in the middle of a very crowded restaurant screams to get the attention of the waitress, smiles blows her bubbles, and then poops his pants……I’m pretty sure she is now his girlfriend.

10. Lily, playing with our Creation fridge magnets, asked what the name was for the female character. I told her that was Eve. Her eye POPPED out of her little head. “Mom, OH MY GOSH! She is Wall-E’s girlfriend!!”

I plan to create more list like these for the enjoyment of others, but more importantly for my children when they are older, and myself when I become frustrated with their behavior.


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