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A Look At the Life & Careers of Minami Kato & Moe Goto Two Japanese Pop Music Singers

Updated on March 25, 2022
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Who Are Minami Kato and Moe Goto?

Minami Kato (not to be confused with Minami Minegishi) is a Japanese idol singer and member of the girl group NGT48. I bet that you are looking for a traditional biography about her but what will be discussed is certainly her life and career but not in the way that readers would think. So stay tuned! Actually on second thought we will take a look at not only the career of Minami Kato but we will also look at the career of another Japanese idol singer Moe Goto who is just 18 years old and has announced her intention to graduate from this super group. But first, we will take a look at the career of Minami Kato of the girl group known as Niigata 48. Both of these young women are idol singers representing two of the 48 group franchise.

A First Look at Minami Kato of the Group NGT48


Who is Minami Kato & How Did She Join NGT48?

Who is Minami Kato? Born on January 15, 1999 in Niigata, she is one of the youngest Japanese idols in the industry. She joined NGT48 as part of their first generation after passing the auditions in July 2015. On January 10, 2016, she was then promoted to Team N3.

Minami Kato's Collaboration With Moeka Takakura

Kato and member Moeka Takakura were basically chosen for what is called “pre-debut aces” for NGT48, it was Takakura that was chosen as center for the first song of NGT48 called Max Toki 315go. This song is featured on the AKB48 single called Kimi Wa Melody.

Minami Kato


Career of Minami Kato (2017)

Kato was chosen as the center for the song Where Are You? That song is on the single called Tsubasa wa Iranai. One interesting fact here is that Kato and Takakura were the only Senbatsu members chosen for that song other than Rie Kitahara. In 2017 with member Noe Yamada, Kato was chosen as an actress so that she could star in the AKB48 drama called “Tofu Pro Wrestling.” However, she played this role under the pseudonym “Baton Kotomina.” Kato was chosen as a Senbatsu member for the first single of NGT48 called Seishun Dokei. She would also be chosen as something called a W/Center with Moeka Takakura for the coupling song called “Motomu Kurayami.” In this same year of 2017, the singer known as Katomina was the only member of NGT48’s first generation to rank in that year’s AKB48 General Election. She came in ranked at #76 putting her in the category of Upcoming Girls.

Minami Kato: Her Career Until the Scandal

During the event AKB48 Request Hour 2018, Kato sang a duet with Noe Yamada called Gesuna Yume which ended up being the highest ranking song for the Team N3 Third Stage. Every other song from this stage also was ranked. However, Minami Kato has now been at the center of a controversial event that has resulted in her being demoted to the status of research student. It was on May 20, 2019 that Kato posted a photo on Instagram of a news program that was reporting about Maho Yamaguchi’s graduation concert. The photo was talking about getting nails done. The post itself has now been deleted. After she received this demotion, Kato apologized for having hurt so many people’s feelings due to what she called her “thoughtless post.” She said that she had initially wanted to share it with her close friends only but she ended up sharing it with everybody. Well, this is a look at the career of Minami Kato so far.

Moe Goto Member of Produce 48 in Addition to AKB48


Next, here is a look at the life and career of singer Moe Goto.

Interesting Facts About Moe Goto

  • Her most admired member of the 48 groups is Rena Matsui.
  • Her hobbies as well as strongest special skills include singing and dancing.
  • However, she failed the 6th generation auditions for the group SKE48.
  • At the 2013 Draft event, Goto was the first choice selected for its Team K.
  • She made her debut at the AKB48 Theater on February 22, 2014.
  • She also finished in 24th place on Produce 48 which is a Korean reality survival show.

Moe Goto's Future Plans

Unlike Minami Kato who has to try and repair her image after a mistake, Goto’s career is coming to an end due to a personal decision that she made. On May 20, 2019 during her birthday event, she announced her decision to graduate from AKB48. She revealed that she has been thinking about her future recently, having reached a conclusion. That conclusion is that she wants to try and reach her goal of becoming a model. She also said that she is certain that there will be many times where she will hit the wall but she asked fans to continue to support her.

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