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A Look Back At the 58th Single of Japanese Pop Music Group Morning Musume

Updated on March 22, 2020
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is looking to always explore his writing opportunities.

The Cover for the 58th Single


Introduction to the 58th Single of Morning Musume

Japanese girl group Morning Musume 17 (that’s the name of the group at the first draft of this story) announced that they would be releasing their first single in six months at the time called “Seishun Kozo ga Naiteru / Yugure wa Amegari / Ima Koko Kara” on April 15, 2015. This was the group’s 58th single and because this title is so long, here is the English wording of this triple single. The first song is called The Young Crying Boy. The second song is called Twilight After the Rain. And the third song is called From Here and Now. For the purposes of this article though, we will write about this triple set of songs referring to the group as Morning Musume.

How Did This Single Come Into Fruition?

The group formerly known as Morning Musume until the end of 2013 now has a band leader Mizuki Fukumura. Fukumura, now 23, took over the duty of band leader after the graduation of former sixth generation member Sayumi Michishige in November 2014. The single was the first one for the four members of the 12th generation. There was only one member for the group’s 11th generation and that is Sakura Oda. The announcement for the new single was made during a performance called Hello! Project 2015 Winter Dance Mode! The concert was held at ORIX Theater in Osaka, Japan on February 15, 2014. There are six different types for this single, limited editions A, B, C, and D and regular editions A and B.

"The Sunset After the Rain"

About the Third Song & a Special Contribution

The third song called Ima Koko Kara was used as the ending theme for the anime called Pretty Cure All Stars: Spring Carnival. However, because Kanon Suzuki who had been trying to recover from an ankle fracture had to be replaced temporarily, Juice=Juice member Karin Miyamoto took her place for the first and second singles mentioned above.

About the song An Adolescent Boy Is Crying

Depending on the translation for the first song, it is also called “An Adolescent Boy is Crying.” The song is about a young boy that is struggling at romance while he has a crush on someone. The song has a sort of electronic influence to it as the members are seen in the video dancing or running at a subway station.

About the Song The Sunset After the Rain

“The Sunset After the Rain” shows the Morning Musume girls dancing around a tree that has lost its leaves or the leaves are changing color. The song is about someone that takes a journey to a new city in order to live a new life. She is on a long journey even though there are tears in her eyes. Her new lifestyle is sometimes lonesome and heartbreaking but she considers herself a winner for having made this move and changed her lifestyle.

About the Third Song Right Here, Right Now

Right Here, Right Now starts with a nice, soft piano part as the song’s message is that even normal girls can make a difference in this world. That difference can be made through the power of the heart. Even if everything is like a flower bud it is the blooming of the flower that makes life blossom. The girl described in the song does her best when she is in pain. The song also says that prayers are very powerful and that it is up to us to create our destiny and the future through the power of now, the power of the present moment.

© 2019 Ara Vahanian


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