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A Look Back At the Cartoon Episode "Amusement Park" in Inspector Gadget

Updated on August 26, 2019
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is looking to always explore his writing opportunities.

The Significance of the Episode Amusement Park

“Amusement Park” is just the 14th episode in the cartoon Inspector Gadget but this article explores the significance of the episode. Typically, an amusement park is a place where there are lots of rides and entertainment activities, so the hero Inspector Gadget takes his niece Penny to an amusement park in Metro City and Penny decides that she would like to win a panda bear.

Inspector Gadget Face Photo

What is the Mission for Inspector Gadget This Time?

So Gadget goes to a booth that is operated by one of the agents of Dr. Claw. This agent tells him that he can win a panda bear if he is successful at the game but once Gadget hits the target twice, the agent makes the machine go fast and this causes Gadget to miss the final target. Gadget is informed by his boss that Dr. Claw is planning on holding the amusement park for ransom because he has planted a device that puts the park in danger.

Inspector Gadget is Supposed to Solve The Case But He Does Not Realize Where the Device Is

It is interesting how Inspector Gadget is able to maneuver around all those people in that park without running over them. The creators of Inspector Gadget made sure that he would be a skilled driver. With that stated, what is Inspector Gadget supposed to do in this episode?

Inspector Gadget has only 30 minutes to find that device and save the amusement park. However, that same agent that caused Gadget to fail to win the panda bear tells him that since he was successful twice, he gives him a panda bear anyway. But the Inspector does not realize that the device that can put the park in danger is inside that specific panda bear! The whole episode is centered on Inspector Gadget having to find that device but he remains totally unaware that the device is inside the panda bear he is holding even when Penny tries to let him know about it.

Memorable Quote from Amusement Park

"Wowsers Chief this is terrible!"

Inspector Gadget says this when he finds out what Dr. Claw's plan is for the amusement park.

Amusement Park Episode Synopsis Part 1

The Inspector has quite an assignment to complete and this episode starts with the day that the amusement park officially opens up for the public to visit. In his attempt to try and discover who the agents of Dr. Claw are, Inspector Gadget mistakenly thinks that a young boy is one of the bad guys and he chases him but the boy runs away. Inspector Gadget meanwhile ends up surrounded by a few crocodiles and he almost traps himself in a no-win situation before his dog Brain notices that he is in major trouble and he manages to save him before he gets possibly eaten up. In addition to this, Gadget gets some cotton candy in his face because another one of Dr. Claw’s agents sprays him with it in order to impede his progress.

Amusement Park Episode Synopsis Part 2

The episode also involves the Inspector once again as usual thinking that Brain is an agent of Dr. Claw but by some fortunate chance as Gadget is skating at the end of the episode with the panda bear in his hand, he bumps into a garbage can and he loses control of the bear. The panda bear doll goes into the diving pool and the device gets set off however the park remains safe. Amusement Park is a decent early episode but it is not as entertaining as the episodes All That Glitters and Movie Set.

© 2018 Ara Vahanian


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