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A Look Back at the Cartoon Episode "Quizz Master" in Inspector Gadget

Updated on October 10, 2023
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

This toaster with the two pieces of bread symbolizes one of the main appliances used in the episode "Quizz Master."
This toaster with the two pieces of bread symbolizes one of the main appliances used in the episode "Quizz Master." | Source

The Episode "Quizz Master" Is a Parody of the Word Quiz

Quizz Master is the last episode of the first season of the awesome cartoon series Inspector Gadget and I think the title of the episode is a parody of the word quiz and that’s just the way that the creators of the show wanted the title to be.

Two Interesting Facts About Episode #65 "Quizz Master"

1. Sadly, this would be the last episode in which Cree Summer Francks would do the voice of Penny in this cartoon series because in my opinion, she was the right person to do that voice for that role.

2. And also, it is interesting that in this episode, the grand prize is always a new toaster for the person that wins on the Quiz Master show.

A Brief Explanation of the Concept Behind the Title of the Episode "Quizz Master"

Just like the name of the episode says, the episode is about people participating in a quiz show, answering the questions given and winning a grand prize. But there is much more to it than that. In this episode, a one question quiz with a correct answer results in a grand prize.

This photo symbolizes that in the episode, a correct answer will make the alarm go off, similar to what happens in a real life game show if the contestant pushes the correct button.
This photo symbolizes that in the episode, a correct answer will make the alarm go off, similar to what happens in a real life game show if the contestant pushes the correct button.

"Quizz Master" Full Episode

"Quizz Master" Episode Synopsis

In this last episode of the first season, the mission for Inspector Gadget is to protect the armored vehicles because these vehicles are being robbed by people that are being hypnotized by Dr. Claw and his agents in what is called the “Cone of Seclusion.” Meanwhile, the main character Inspector Gadget is working on fixing his toaster when he causes a power outage. So the entire Gadget family is back home in Metro City after being in the south of France for the previous episode. It is fitting for the first season of the show to have ended in this way. However, the agent that is running the show works for Dr. Claw and he can arrange it so that the person taking part can win the grand prize, become hypnotized and then carry out the schemes of the M.A.D. organization. When Penny discovers that there is indeed a connection between the grand prize winners and the thefts of these armored vehicles, she is captured. When the Inspector gets to the place where the show is being filmed, eventually Dr. Claw decides to use the Inspector as a contestant on the show so that he can win the grand prize, become hypnotized and carry out the thing that Dr. Claw wants him to do. After he wins the grand prize, he is asked by the person running the show whether he wants to leave with his brand new toaster or to go into the Cone of Seclusion. The Inspector goes into this cone and he thinks that it is an elevator! He has now been hypnotized and then he is told by Dr. Claw’s main agent that he must rob the armored car. He is then asked to take the money to the TV studio. But then, due to Penny using her computer book and watch to reverse the trance on Inspector Gadget as he drives the agent to the police station and he is congratulated by his boss Chief Quimby.

Dr. Claw thought that he had his main nemesis Inspector Gadget right where he wanted him, but even as close as he gets to winning, he does not win because of the work by Penny and Brain.

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© 2019 Ara Vahanian


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