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Revenge - A Better Modern Day Soap Opera

Updated on April 28, 2015


"Revenge" is very similar to the soap operas that used to consume weekday afternoon television, only it is, of course, set in a more modern time which makes it a little more realistic. The acting is slightly better too with famous people like Madeline Stowe.

The greatest thing about this television series is the twisted story-line, which is apparently very similar to the Count of Monte Cristo. Unless you know the details from the very beginning, it won't make much sense, but strangely still be enjoyable to watch.

This is always an imaginary life to me; something that I dreamed of as a child. This is the richest of the rich, which if you are wealthy you might be able to relate more. Being poor myself this is like a science fiction show; compeletely unrealistic.

Emily VanCamp is the Star of the Show


In The Beginning

One of the things I really like about this show is the way it starts off. You see what happens before it happens, so that you are trying to piece it together all the way through. Emily always has something important to say both at the beginning and at the end.

Here is one of her famous quotes:

Sacrifice demands the surrender of things we cherish above all else. Only out of the agony of those losses can a new resolution be born. An undying devotion to a cause greater than one's self. And a moral duty to see a journey through to its absolute completion." -

Characters and Story

Everything centers around Emily Thorne, a.k.a. Amanda Clarke. More characters are introduced each season that gives the viewer a much fresher and interesting take. The other main characters are Conrad, Victoria, Daniel, and Charlotte Grayson, Emily's friends Nolan Ross(super smart, hacker), and someone from her past (who strangely does not recognize her) named Jack Porter. There is also a little romance concerning a few characters.

The Grayson family (the epitome of high class) are the ones that Emily is out to get because they helped to frame Amanda Clarke's father.This strange idea of revenge, and how hard Emily fights for it, gives her a really great edge. She is tough. She doesn't give up. You will never believe all the things that she has to overcome, and all of the things she actually does in order to fulfill this dream of hers to basically clear her father's name.

Location is Everything

Set in the Hamptons, a very well known area where wealthy people live or spend their summers. The Graysons own a huge mansion right on the beach, when Emily was a child (and named Amanda) they spent their summers at the house next door. Emily then bought this place to help her gain retribution by spying, and being as close as possible to her "enemies".

Important Facts

  • According to, it started in 2011 and has now in 2014 done three dramatic seasons with more to come.
  • Nominated for a Golden Globe, plus other awards and nominations
  • Created by Mike Kelley
  • A thrilling, mysterious and dramatic soap opera
  • Loosely based on The Count of Monte Cristo novel by Alexandre Dumas
  • Shown on ABC on Sundays

The Clothes and Costumes

Although it may seem slightly over-the-top when it comes to the rich,elaborate clothing and parties, I myself am always surprised and awed by the costumes worn. Nolan (Emily's friend) is especially charismatic when it comes to the clothes. I think because he is a gay computer geek, they decided he needed to wear flashy suits and bright colored pants and ties. These are always slightly unexpected and different.

Emily's and Victoria's dresses seem all similar yet somehow are more stunning every time. Emily's signature color is red, while Victoria's seems to be black.

Let's not forget that when they have parties, they dress up even more, like the costume party where they all had interesting masks.

Is Revenge Worthy?

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    • profile image

      Ausseye 11 months ago

      Makes my mind follow the lead, just the mystery of who hates who or what is the story of nature against nurture. The story of life you so richly describe movie shot by movie shot. Love your version of watching the screen

    • Whitney Ann profile image

      Whitney Ann 3 years ago

      Interesting. I am going to have to look into this show.