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Melissa Venema plays Il silenzio with Andre Rieu

Updated on July 7, 2011

This is an excerpt from a performance of the world-famous Johann Strauss Orchestra; directed by Dutch violinist, conductor, and composer Andre Rieu during the World Stadium Tour in Amsterdam Arena, the Netherlands, on June 28 2008. Melissa Venema, age 13 from Amsterdam, Holland is the trumpet soloist.

She plays a beautiful variation of Il silenzio; an Italian instrumental piece notable for its trumpet theme. It was written in 1965 by trumpet player Nini Rosso and Guglielmo Brezza, its thematic melody being an extension of the military piece Bugle Call or Taps.

Taps was originally written by Brigadier Daniel Butterfield, an American Civil War general in July, 1862. Read more...


More About Melissa Venema

Melissa Venema, a resident of Zaandam born in April 1995, began playing the trumpet when she was 8 years old. In one year she was playing well enough to be performing solos in various area churches.  She received extra trumpet lessons from Bert Hendrix, a famous Dutch trumpet player. After that Melissa played the trumpet in several orchestras.

Melissa regularly performs as a solo trumpet player concerts in classical as well as religious music with the famous Zaandam Organ player Dub de Vries.

Over the years, Melissa has performed in many venues and in many locations and has won awards for her talent.[1]

On the 27th and 28th of June 2008, Melissa’s dream came true. She played a solo with André Rieu and his orchestra in the Amsterdam Arena. The Arena was absolutely quiet when Melissa entered and started the breathtaking "Il Silenzio". After the solo she played "Il Silenzio" again, along with Andre Rieu's Johann Strauss orchestra. The last high C resounded throughout the Arena. Melissa's playing was pure and wonderful. Many people got goose bumps and were moved by Melissa’s musicality and the technique. The second song, the lightning fast "Bugler's Holiday" was played by Melissa, along with the orchestra and the 2 trumpet players from the orchestra, Roger and René. Melissa received a long applause and standing ovation. [1]

On the 11th of March 2009, Melissa soloed for Queen Beatrix at the opening of the pavilion Verkade. The queen thanked her personally for her beautiful trumpet playing.

She has since produced a CD; From The Heart (June 26th, 2010) and is available for bookings.  Most recently Melissa won the incentive prize- for culture of the municipality Zaanstad (2010).[2]


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      zeal chen 2 years ago

      So touched she plays.

    • profile image

      Sheep Uli 5 years ago

      Give thanks to the LORD,

      proclaim HIS greatness; 

      tell the nations what HE has done.

      Sing praise to the LORD;

      tell of the wonderful things HE has


      The LORD is our GOD; 

      HIS commands are for all the world.

      I will praise GOD and JESUS CHRIST

      our LORD with all my heart.


    • flighhigh profile image

      flighhigh 7 years ago from Beijing

      Thumbs up !