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About Tinker Bell:The Legend of the Neverbeast

Updated on January 12, 2016

You might be wondering as an adult, of what you could get out of animated movies or perhaps you might think that cartoons or animated shows were just for kids. Well, you should change your perception on them. Why? Well, simply because movies with those genres were created to teach us simple yet useful lessons in life which we usually overlooked. And this one -Tinker Bell and the Legend of Neverbeast - was one of them.

Fawn and her friend, the Neverbeast
Fawn and her friend, the Neverbeast | Source

The Story

Fawn was believed to be a troublemaker in Pixie Hollow for bringing strange and dangerous animals from the forest like a young hawk. Her intention was not actually to put the whole fairy village at risk but she believed in herself that those animals were as friendly as she was.

One day while teaching the three rabbits to hop, she heard a loud cry from forest. With her curiosity, she followed it and reached into a pit where a punctured-by-a-thorn-on-its-foot beast known as the Neverbeast trying to lull itself from the pain.

To make the story short, Fawn later on befriended the beast but the whole village seemed to disagree the idea and thought that it would be a big threat to Pixie Hollow. However, who would have thought that the beast would turn out to be their knight of a shining armor who saved the entire fairy community from the fatal storm. Then all the fairies accepted the creature and let it stay with them for a while. Yes, for a while since it will have its long sleep (for thousand years) again in his pit. And it tore Fawns heart and the rest of the fairy since they might not see each other again by the time it would wake up again.

Fawn have always believed in her heart that Neverbeast was never bad at all despite its appearance and she proved it right by always being beside her huge hairy friend. After all she never was a trouble maker, only that, others did not see what her heart has seen.

Fawn while resting on the fur of the Neverbeast
Fawn while resting on the fur of the Neverbeast | Source

The Lesson

Eyes could deceive but the heart could see and feel the truth. Sometimes we were influenced by what we saw and judge others based on their appearance. And it was a reality most of the time. But based on the movie, prejudice brought no good to us. We should get to know first someone before judging him or her. And we should trust what our hearts say.

In short, simply do not judge the book by its cover.


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