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A Movie Review of : 'Gone Baby Gone' (2007)

Updated on July 21, 2019
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My hobby is watching movies and then writing a review about my thoughts about them.

A really strong movie

So this is a movie that i watched recently but decided not to share my thoughts on in here. But one thing just couldn't let me go so i thought i should review it and share some things about it that really make you think hard. Directorial debut of Ben Affleck who is without a doubt a great director('The Town' (2010), 'Argo' (2012) ).

In this review we're only going to talk about the movie as a whole though it's not going to be like my previous reviews talking about "the good" and "the bad" in the movie because i honestly can't really find anything particulary about the movie and there's no point of both sections so i'll just talk about it. Feel free to share your thoughts about the movie especially if you have watched it in the comment section. What choice would have you make?

This review won't contain spoilers because if you haven't watched the movie i really don't want to ruin it for you. It's better to watch it without knowing too much about the story.

What choice would you make?

First off, if you haven't heard about the movie, don't waste your time watching the trailer just start watching the movie.The trailer doesn't spoil anything but also it's not that intriguing, at least not for me. You need to know as little as possible to enjoy this story at its best.

This movie does an incredible job in storytelling and really tries to trick us throughout the whole movie until it finally hit us with its big revelation and the truth and when that comes you're not prepared to make this tough choice and neither is the main character played by Casey Affleck who is excellent in this movie. I know him from 'Manchester by the Sea' and 'Good Will Hunting'( You should really watch those movies, if you haven't, they are worth the time and are so amazing and incredible) and i have to say that he really is impressing me. The man can act and i can't say he's the weakest part of the Affleck brothers. They're both awesome. He delivers this stunning performance in 'Gone Baby Gone' and you really buy into his character and he makes you care about the movie. Morgan Freeman is also part of the movie. He doesn't have much screen time but as the story progress you'll realize his character has more meaning than you probably think. I think there's no point of telling you that he did his job well in the movie and was good as always.

This movie has one oscar nominations- Amy Ryan and she is really good in this movie but i'm still a bit surprised that she of all people got the nomination. Personally, i think, that Casey should have gotten a nomination too. That doesn't mean that Amy Ryan wasn't good . She was excellent and she portrayed her character really well. Another honorable mention of this great cast that did an excellent job is Ed Harris. I didn't find Michelle Monaghan as impressive as the rest of the cast and she was totally outshined by them. Her performance wasn't terrible, though. I just didn't like her performance as much as the other actors's performances.

Now, let's get to the most interesting part of the movie and that is the plot. The movie hits the right notes, throughout the whole runtime you feel invested into the story and you really need to pay attention to detail in it. It's full of twists and nothing is ever really what it seems it is. Every time you think you finally have solved this riddle the movie just shows you that it totally fooled you once again and honestly it's so awesome although after the credits roll you don't really find yourself thinking about that. You're thinking about the ending and the final gut punch this movie delivers to you. You're starting to question everything and you know that no matter what choice the character make it will be wrong and it will have consequences.

I honestly don't know what is the final score i want to give to this movie. I'll give it 5 out 5 but you gotta know that you shouldn't expect some masterpiece like 'The Shawshank Redemption'. It's not on such a high level.

My rating

5 stars for Gone Baby Gone

© 2019 Hris Dimitrov


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