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A New Day For Black Dawn

Updated on November 25, 2014
Black Dawn - Until We Meet
Black Dawn - Until We Meet
Black Dawn Live
Black Dawn Live

It’s not so unusual for bands to take a break from touring, recording, or even from each other for a while. It happens all the time and for a variety of reasons. The reasons can range from artistic differences to band burn out, and there are a whole array other things in between. Bands just come and go.

In the case of Black Dawn their last release came about a decade or so ago (“Age of Reason” on Suicidal Groove Records in 2004). Then there was silence. No rumors or announcements of what was happening internally or externally in the group – just silence. Not even a bit of schoolyard gossip about breakups, betrayals, desertions, side projects or reunions. Just ten years of no comments or commitments. So it goes…

With about as much trumpeted fanfare for their departure, Black Dawn has now returned with a new collection of recordings titled “Until We Meet” (Blue Pie Records 2014). Only offering a total of five songs the hard rock combo can’t be accused of frivolous over saturation by their fans. It’s a modest amount of material after such a long hiatus, but luckily in this case, what’s being offered is enough to temporarily satisfy this reviewer’s appetite for new music.

The four original members who make up Black Dawn have reunited once again. Matt Kotten still belts out the songs and assists Tom Kelly with the guitars, while James Lane lays down the bottom with his bass along with Enzo DiPaolo on drums. The same as it ever was since 1996 when they first joined forces in Long Island, New York.

Of the five tracks, “Upon Your Lips” is probably the one that modern rock commercial radio will most likely take to. A strong melody, a musically tight performance by the band, and an infectious hook that’ll catch most listeners the first time they hear it. What I liked the best of the five from “Until We Meet” was the quirky “Open The Gates”. To me, this was the tune that Black Dawn seemed to have successfully pushed the envelope with the most. More experimental than the other four cuts it’s the standout number.

They’ve not only returned to the studio but they’ve also returned to the stage with the new record. At a few of their recent shows they’ve opened for Michael Graves of The Misfits, and Marc Rizzo and the Corruptors (Marc of course is still currently involved with Cavalera Conspiracy and was the lead guitarist for the legendary Soulfly). According to the band’s publicist they’re also back in the studio with a planned album release sometime in the late spring of 2015. Black Dawn, it’s good to see you back in the groove again.


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