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A New Stand-up act in the town

Updated on April 19, 2013

The last time you saw me, there was a fat man living in me.

Have I changed a bit?

You shouldn’t have asked such a question tonight when I was trying to catch you by surprise.

Look! The pair of eyes you have got is a magnetic manifestation of thoughts which attracts similar images to how you have seen things the last time around.

Then, my friend, you are here for a shock than a pleasant surprise!

It seems that you agree with me here but can’t understand a single thing.

I would not blame you because it is not an easy trick to make others laugh and make sense.

I have seen Presidents doing that.

You know that what I am trying to say here. It can be atrociously painful when you know that it is funny and people are trying to see a political side to it because everything has been said by the President.

So, whatever I am going to say it would be taken as by the same old fat man.

You look at me and there is this fat man standing here.

I was really excited as this is my first show outside the known habitat. Usually, it is a group of friends and neighborhood people who come to watch me and support .

I had this crazy thought (in my mind) to introduce myself outside the stage and see the kind of reaction, it gets.

May be, it is a common feeling to have, for all the new members joining the class.

So, I went there and introduced myself as a stand-up artist.

(It was a group of three to four people). But we are not in a mood to laugh at this hour.

I gave them a zero expression, as I had nothing to say or I was not prepared for such a welcome, and said something on my way back.

I don’t think that they heard it because I was almost talking to myself.

(You seem to have missed the point too).

It was not until then that I realized that something interesting was started back over there. I started to repeat it for many more times.

1. We are not in a mood to laugh at this hour. 2. We are not in a mood to laugh at this hour. 3. We are not in a mood to laugh at this hour because the moment has not happened so far.

The point was that “This moment has not happened so far”.

So, I was up there on the stage.

It became the most favorite part of the show.

I was able to make them laugh over something as funny and serious a thing as the idea that the moment has not happened yet.

We are not in a mood to laugh at this hour because the moment that we are expecting has no space left for anything; even it is meant to make us look at the lighter side of it.

The atmosphere was dark and breathing strangely in the open air. I was happy that people were listening to it.

The show got over. I came off the stage and simply got struck by the awe and inspiration of things that how being in the business of making funny lines is not completely about being funny alone.

Probably, it is like the story of “once a fat man was living in me”.


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