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A Night Under The Stars

Updated on August 31, 2012

A Night to remember

Most recently, my son, daughter and I attended The West side Music Festival, a city sponsored concert here in Chicago on August 18, 2012. I must say the musical lineup was worth waiting for.The weather was beautiful, the crowds were nice. And most of all the music was spectacular! I thought the concert was supposed to start at 12:00 noon, but it didn't. The set up was elaborate and mostly the musical staff was doing sound checks to make sure all of the equipment was working properly. I didn't mind.

As the day progressed, we saw other performers as well, There was a group of young men and women doing a tap dance routine. It was good. I cannot remember the name of the group. There was a young lady by the name Carla Prather. She was very good. Her performance included music from Erkya Badu and Jill Scott.

The next artist to come on to the stage was Sparkle. She performed her famous song "Be Careful". This song originally came out in 1997 with the help of musical genius R. Kelly. She also performed some new music from her upcoming album. She gave a solid performance.

Next in line to perform was a young man named Alex Boyd. I tell you, this man can sing!!! If you heard him sing, he sounds almost like Robin Thicke!! This is my first time ever hearing from this artist. He was very good as well. I must say, he performed a long set, like his whole album.

The next performer was Syleena Johnson. This young lady can sing!!!! She is the daughter of blues artist Syl Johnson. I would describe Syleena's music as gutsy and brassy with a tinge of gospel mixed in. Her musical set included songs like "I am Your Woman", "Another Relationship", and "Guess What?". This lady belted out each song like never before, I was blown away by her performance.

At about 7:15 pm, Carl Thomas came out to perform. This brother was smooth. He had the ladies swooning all over the park!! Carl was dressed nicely with his full band in tow. He sang a nice set of songs that included "Emotional", "I Wish", and "Summer Rain". His music is described as sultry and smooth and great for stepping to. His performance was outstanding.

Last of all, my favorite artist of the evening was Musiq Soulchild!!!! By the time he finished performing his set, I was hoarse. I found myself screaming and jumping all over the place because of the excitement. My son and daughter were looking at me kind of funny like "What's wrong with Mom?" This young man gave such a wonderful stage presence I was in awe. His set included songs "Halfcrazy", "Love", "Just Friends" and so many more. This was also my first time ever seeing this gentleman perform, all I can say is that he gave an excellent show. I found myself singing right along with him on every song. The audience was also participating in the show as well. Musiq's set ended at about 9 pm, I sure hated that, but all good things must come to an end.

I'm so glad that I attended this free concert, it was well worth my wait.I had such a wonderful time.

Alex Boyd, I Wish I Knew

Carla Prather Live In Chicago

Sparkle, Be Careful

Syleena Johnson

Carl Thomas

Musiq Soulchild


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    • nina64 profile image

      nina64 5 years ago from chicago, Illinois

      Hello Billybuc, Yes, I had a great time!!!!!! Even though, my children and I waited at least 5-6 hours, I really didn't mind. The weather was fantastic and it was just a great day to be outdoors anyway. Thanks for stopping by!!

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Sounds like a wonderful night; I haven't been to a concert in a long time. I think you have me motivated. :)