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A Night with Dita Von Teese: "Strip, Strip, Horray"

Updated on December 1, 2017

Editorial Note

This article is about Dita Von Teese's previous burlesque tour. Her most recent tour is The Art of the Teese.

Me with MC Murray Hill
Me with MC Murray Hill | Source
The opening number of StripStripHooray!
The opening number of StripStripHooray! | Source
The Rhinestone Cowgirl
The Rhinestone Cowgirl | Source
Dita Von Teese's Birds of Paradise act
Dita Von Teese's Birds of Paradise act | Source
The finale
The finale | Source
A photo with Selene Luna, the motorcyclist of the show
A photo with Selene Luna, the motorcyclist of the show | Source
Me and Prince Poppycock, the operatic guest performer
Me and Prince Poppycock, the operatic guest performer | Source
Photo with Dirty Martini, one of the guest performers of the show
Photo with Dirty Martini, one of the guest performers of the show | Source

Introducing Dita

Dita's Strip, Strip, Hooray tour has traveled across the States over the past year, and I attended her latest in Los Angeles at the House of Blues on 20th June, 2013, my third time since the tour began in early 2012! What she does on stage is an art form, and she has the glamorous costumes and elaborate numbers to prove it.

The show was introduced by MC Murray Hill, the entertaining and humorous host. As Hill's high energy got the crowd enthused, everyone was waiting in anticipation for him to announce Von Teese. The red velvet curtains peeled back to reveal a woman dressed in a man's black tie suit (tailored for the female figure, of course) and top hat, playfully looking out at the audience. Dita began to sing "A Guy Who Takes His Time" and the crowd's gaze didn't wander for a second.

Dita slowly, and oh-so-lady-like, removed the pieces of the garment one at a time. She peeled off each layer, revealing more as she went along. What was hiding beneath the gentleman's tux? A stunningly crafted black corset, and the garter belt and stockings to match. But she wasn't finished yet. As the audience cheered and shouted "oohs", she lost the fancy lingerie too. What was left was Dita showcasing her sparkling pasties and glittering panties. We all were mesmerized.

Von Teese's shows are finely detailed and elaborate, from the sets to the costumes to the jazzy tunes accompanying her. Dita's numbers are original and created by her. The performances pay homage to those early figures of burlesque, such as Lili St. Cyr and Sally Rand.

For the Rhinestone Cowgirl act, her western-inspired hat and outfit, down to the boots, were adorned with pink Swarovski crystals. Around her waist she carried two jewel-encrusted play guns and a belt full of, not bullets, but red lipsticks! The mechanical bull she straddled later in the performance was also completely covered in none other than Swarovski crystals. Talk about decadent!

In the Birds of Paradise number, she donned a brightly colored costume with a tropical touch. After her striptease, she picked up two elaborate fans made of radiantly colored feathers, big enough to cover her body, and did a seductive dance in ballet slippers. The music that accompanied her captured the island feel. Dita then walked toward a glittering gold steel bird cage and stepped in. Inside was a small perch that she set herself on, where she began to twirl, spin, swing and flip. Suddenly, a shower of water spouted out above Dita and the performer relished in her own little bird bath.

The closing act of her show was the Opium Den. Von Teese styled her mane in a tightly wound, high ponytail that fell past her derriere. There was smoke, performers dressed as geisha and a small bright red den in the middle of the stage, with a lounging couch inside. She performed the seductive number to Japanese-inspired music. At the finale, paper maiche flower petals were raining down from the ceiling onto the stage and audience.

This is a small taste of what Dita brings to the table. Quality performances done tastefully, beautifully, and with the perfect amount of sensuality and elegance. To add to the diversity of her show, she included other performers as well that carry out their acts in between her own. There were a few male burlesque performers, such as Prince Poppycock, first discovered on America's Got Talent. Selene Luna, who is no more than three feet tall, rode on stage on her mini motorcycle. Burlesque performer Dirty Martini delivered an entertaining, classic striptease that put her sparkling tassels to work!

So much time goes into making these productions absolutely stunning, but it's also wonderful what a diverse crowd her shows attract. The Strip, Strip, Hooray tour has shown that Dita appeals to many kinds of individuals and is timeless.

Despite those that have commented that Von Teese objectifies the female image, the fact that her fan base consists of mainly women says otherwise. Each time I have attended one of her shows, I leave feeling empowered and a bit more cultured. If anything, Dita Von Teese advocates the right for all women and men to feel confident and sexy, not for someone else, but for themselves.

For more information on Dita Von Teese, visit


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      Gadfly 4 weeks ago from Olde London Towne


    • jenslibra profile image

      Jennifer Vasquez 4 years ago from Long Beach, CA

      Astra Nomik- Dita's shows are fascinating! I'm always glad to introduce her to people that may not have heard of her. Thanks for your comment!

    • Astra Nomik profile image

      Cathy Nerujen 4 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

      What a very delightful hub. It is an unusual subject for a hub but I am glad I read this. Sita Von Teese sounds like an amazing performer. The shows must have been very interesting.

    • jenslibra profile image

      Jennifer Vasquez 4 years ago from Long Beach, CA

      Thank you so much for the like! I love Dita so I'm always glad to hear from others that appreciate her too.

    • torrilynn profile image

      torrilynn 4 years ago

      thanks for this hub. i find that dita von teese to be and absolutely beautiful woman who is very talented. voted up.