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A Play List to get you Pumped Up For The Weekend

Updated on August 17, 2013

After a long hard week the one thing that helps you make it through are thoughts of the weekend ahead. Here is a list of songs guaranteed to get you excited for that weekend coming up. Play these tunes on Friday or whenever you need a reminder that the week will soon be over. It will bring a smile to your face and a song to your heart.

Livin For The Weekend- The O’ Jays Recently I started to find songs from the 70’s era. I picked the O’Jays because they had some great songs during that time. This is one song of theirs that I didn’t remember hearing. Now it has become one of my favorites. It is such a great song of anticipation of the weekend ahead. The singer states how tired he is from Monday to Thursday too tired even to eat, but on Friday he becomes energized and is ready to party down. I think everyone can relate to that knowing you are free from work for those two days you get that second wind you didn’t know you had.

Great lines from the song are:

Monday to Thursday
I'm dead on my feet
Most of the time
Too tired to eat
When I try to read the paper
I fall fast asleep

Facts about Livin For The Weekend- it was released in February 1976 and it reached #20 on the Billboard Charts and was #1 on the Hot Soul Singles. It was released from The O’Jays Family Reunion album.

Big Weekend-Tom Petty Tom Petty has had some great songs in his career and this one has the sound of a great traveling song. It comes from Tom’s album Highway Companion. It has the strumming guitar, steady drum beat, and the song just keeps rolling on with Tom ready to get away to see a friend. A great line in the song is “If you don’t run you rust.” The song has a Bob Dylan feel to it as well as the Travelling Wilbury’s. Great song to play as you hit the road.

Facts about Big Weekend- it came from the album Highway Companion. It was released in July of 2006. The album was produced by Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty and Mike Campbell and recorded in Los Angeles, CA.

Friday On My Mind-The Easy Beats this song is by a group that never was as popular as some of the other groups in their era, but they had quite a hit with this song. This song is all about anticipation and the singer looks forward all week to that special day of Friday when he can have fun in the city with his girl who is so pretty. The best line of the song is “Monday I have Friday on my mind.”

Facts about Friday on My Mind-it was a worldwide hit. In America it reached #16 on the Billboard Charts. It was released in 1966 in November. The Easybeats were a band from Australia.

Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)-Katy Perry in this song Katy goes crazy on each and every Friday. She parties so hard she can’t remember exactly what happens, but that doesn’t stop her from wanting to do it all again. It is a fun pop song. The lyrics have great visuals and the best line is “pink flamingos in my pool”.

This song could be the anthem for anyone who lives to party on Friday night.

Facts about Last Friday night-it was released in June 2011. It came from the album Teenage Dream. This song as well as four other songs from the album reached number one. It is feat that was only done by one other artist and that was Michael Jackson.

Saturday Night-The Bay City Rollers a hit for the band from Scotland. It is a catchy tune with the chant of S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night with the drum accompaniment. The singer is looking forward to Saturday night with his date as they dance the night away at the Rock and Roll Road Show. The song will take you back to the days when you looked forward to meeting your date and having a great time together.

Facts about Saturday Night –it was released in September of 1975 and it reached number one on the Billboard charts in 1976.

Saturday Night’s All Right For Fighting-Elton John in this song the singer is a bit on the wild side and looks forward to drinking beer and having fights, as well as picking up a lady. The best line in the song is “I’m a juvenile product of the working class Whose best friend floats in the bottom of a glass”

Facts about Saturday Night Night’s All Right For Fighting –it was released in July of 1973. It reached number 20 on the Billboard charts. It was banned by a few radio stations that were afraid it might lead to violence.

Another Saturday Night-Cat Stevens inthis songSaturday is a bit of disappointment because the singer can’t find a girl. it is a remake of the great Sam Cooke song that was hit for Sam in the 1960’s. Cat’s version had a Jamaican feel to it.. It has the party sound, but the singer is not too pleased with his luck. The best line in the song is “instead of being my deliverance she had a strange resemblance to a cat named Frankenstein”.

Facts about Another Saturday Night-some songs tend to be hits no matter who sings them and what year they are released. Another Saturday was hit for Sam Cooke in 1963 and it reached number ten on the Billboard Charts. Cat Stevens recorded the song in 1974 and it reached number six on the Billboard Charts.

Working For The Weekend-Lover Boywas a rock band from the 80’s who had their most success from a song that sounded more like a pop song. When I think of the group I think of headbands and leather pants. I also only thing of this song as their signature song it does do a little bit of rocking with the band grooving us into the magical weekend time. The best line in the song has to be the hook of “Everybody’s Working For The Weekend Everybody Wants a New Romance”

Facts about Working For The Weekend- the song was first released in 1981. In 2006 the album Get Lucky was remastered and re-released. It contained the original demo for Working For The Weekend.

I Don’t Have To Be Me (Till Monday)- a country song by Steve Azar it relates the feeling we get when we get a day to sleep in and do just whatever we feel like doing. The work week can make you feel chained to a clock and the glorious weekend is like a get out of jail free card. In the song our singer tells a little white lie in order to ride around in his new car for a three day weekend. The best line of the song is “Three days without punching a time clock three days of going non-stop no work and all play I don’t have to be me till Monday”

Facts about I Don’t Have to Be Me (Till Monday)- the song was first released in 2001. It made it to #2 on the on the Billboard Hot Singles and Tracks. It came from Steve’ s album entitled Waitin On Joe.

I’m Only Me When I ‘m with You- a country song by Taylor Swift it was released when Taylor was just beginning her music career and had more of a country twang in her voice. The best lines in the song are:

“I’m only up when you’re not down

don’t want to fly if you’re still on the ground…”

Taylor is great at painting a picture with her songs and we enter the song with the couple lying in a field under the stars and the song just keeps getting better as it goes on.

Facts about I’m only me when I’m with you- came from Taylor’s Swift’s first album entitled Taylor Swift. She was a tender sixteen years old when it was released. The album rose to #5 on the Billboard 200. It was quite an impressive start for this great talent.

Finally Friday- George Jones had many great songs in his long career and this one will live in the hearts of his fans. It is a fun song celebrating the joy of payday and going out to spend all your money during the weekend. George knows he shouldn’t do it, but Friday gets a hold on him every week and he just can’t help himself. The best lines of the song are:

”I got a hundred dollars smoking in my billfold

I know I ought to save it but it’s burning a hole

right through my pocket and into my skin

come Monday morning I’ll be broke again”

Facts about Finally Friday- came from George’s album Walls Can Fall it was released in 1992.

Just Got Paid- by ZZ Top those long bearded guys who started the trend long before the Duck Dynasty guys. They came up with a gem in this bluesy rock song about getting paid, but maybe the money wasn’t as much as the work put into the week. This song rocks with twin guitars and drum cymbals hitting along in the groove. The best line of the song

”I just got paid today , got me a pocketful of change…”If you believe in workin’ hard all day Just step in my shoes and take my pay.”

Facts about Just Got Paid- It came from the album Rio Grande Mud released in 1972. The album stalled at 104 on the Billboard 200. The song really jams and still sounds fresh today.

Ain’t Life Grand- by Widespread Panic has a country rock sound to it that makes you tune right in. It has the sounds of electric guitar, piano and mandolin blending perfectly. The song has a great title of Ain’t Life Grand, but it sounds like the singer is trying to convince himself that it is really true. The best line of the song:

”The sun came out the other day through those dusty clouds and in my mind I was a child and it felt good!”

Facts about Ain’t Life Grand - It came from the 4th album of Wide Spread Panic entitled Ain’t Life Grand released in 1994. The album reached #84 on the Billboard 200 chart.

One More Weekend- This song is by Bob Dylan and it has that blues sound and the weekend looks promising ahead as Bob tries to persuade his love to spend just one more weekend with him. The best lines in the song are :

“Comin and Goin like a rabbit in the wood

I am happy just to see you , yeah lookin so good

one more weekend, one more weekend with you”

This song may not be be as lyrical as his other songs, but it is a feel good song and is a through back to those great old time blues songs.

Facts about One More Weekend – This song was on the album New Morning the 11th album released by Bob Dylan back in 1970. The album reached #7 in America.

Saturday In The Park- by Chicago is a song of visuals. It is a warm day that feels like the 4th of July, people dancing, someone singing Italian songs. It sounds like the perfect place to spend a Saturday afternoon. It is pure Chicago with the horn arrangements and the piano. A song that is sure to trigger anyone who was old enough to remember the song when it was first released. Best lines in the song:

“Funny days here in the park

Every days the 4th of July”

Facts about Saturday In The Park – This came from Chicago’s 5th album entitled Chicago V. It was released in 1972. The song reached #3 on the Billboard charts.

Sunday Will Never Be The Same- Not every weekend can be a good one and this song by Spanky and Her Gang brings the point home. The lady is strolling through the park remembering special times with her love that are never going to happen again. Great harmonies and vocals make for a memorable song. The best lines from the song are:

“No longer can I walk these paths for they have changed

I must be on, the sun is gone

And I think it’s going to rain”

Facts about Sunday Will Never Be The Same – This was the biggest hit for Spanky and her Gang it reached #9 on the Billboard 100 chart. The song was released in 1967.

These songs will set the mood for that fabulous weekend ahead and comfort during the week until you hit the weekend once again. T.G.I.F. everyone!


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    • cfjots profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Conway, SC

      Hi Seema Aqua thank you for commenting on my Play List. Glad you like the songs that I picked. I made a cd of the songs to play in my car. When the weekend draws near I get out the cd and get in the great mood for the weekend ahead.

    • SEEMA AQUA profile image


      5 years ago

      nice but some songs are touch my HEART

    • cfjots profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Conway, SC

      Thank you To Start Again I am glad you liked the song choices. I had fun finding the right ones.

    • To Start Again profile image

      Selina Kyle 

      5 years ago

      cute hub and some great song choices! Thanks :)


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