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The Celebrity Apprentice 2010

Updated on January 23, 2016

The Celebrity Apprentice Cast

Courtesy of NBC
Courtesy of NBC

Season Three of The Celebrity Apprentice Will Be Interesting to Say the Least

The third installment of the Celebrity Apprentice looks to be very entertaining. Donald Trump has selecting an intriguing mix of talent for the third season of Celebrity Apprentice. This is the ninth season overall of the show.

The season three cast includes rockers, talent judges, models, comedians, athletes, and an ex-Governor from Illinois. That being said here is the list of the participants:

Sharon Osbourne - wife and business manager of Ozzy Osbourne, mother to three children, and judge on America's Got Talent and X - Factor.

Rod Blagojevich - the impeached former Governor of Illinois who is currently indicted in a federal case of attempting to sell the U.S. Senate seat of President Barack Obama to the highest bidder.

Darryl Strawberry - former Major League Baseball player for the New York Mets and Yankees.

Curtis Stone - celebrity chef famous for appearing on "Take Home Chef" and "The Biggest Loser".

Cyndi Lauper - singer, songwriter, and actress. She hit stardom during the 1980's and still remains very popular.

Bill Goldberg - former NFL player, actor, wrestler. Hosts the show "Garage Mahal" on DIY Network.

Bret Michaels - lead singer of the band Poison also star of VH1 series "Rock of Love".

Carol Leifer - comedian and Emmy-nominated writer.

Summer Sanders - Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer and broadcast journalist.

Selita Ebanks - model for Victoria's Secret.

Holly Robinson Peete - actress, author, activist, and philanthropist.

Maria Kanellis - WWE wrestler and model.

Michael Johnson - Olympic Gold Medal sprinter and speaker.

Sinbad - comedian and actor. Appeared in many movies such as "Jingle All The Way" and "Necessary Roughness".

It is an interest assembly of characters just as the first two seasons of Celebrity Apprentice. The previous Celebrity Apprentice winners have been Piers Morgan of America's Got Talent and Joan Rivers.

It is hard to predict the winner of this season Celebrity Apprentice. It takes several episodes before figuring out who will work the hardest for their charity. Celebrity Apprentice is always entertaining. There is a fun mix of famous people working together for the goal of making money for their charity.

Be sure to tune to NBC on Sunday, March 14th at 9PM/8PM Central for the season premiere.

Also, I will keep fellow hubbers posted on the winning team and who's been fired during the season. Here's the results:

Week 1 - Winning Team - Rocksolid (Men's Team)

Fired - Carol Leifer

Week 2 - Winning Team - Tenacity (Women's Team)

Fired - Sinbad

Week 3 - Winning Team - Tenacity

Fired - Darryl Strawberry

Week 4 - Winning Team - Tenacity

Fired - Rod Blagojevich

Week 5 - Winning Team - Rocksolid

Fired - Selita Ebanks Quit - Michael Johnson

Week 6 - Winning Team - Tenacity

Fired - Bill Goldberg

Remaining participants - Curtis Stone, Bret Michaels, Sharon Osbourne, Cyndi Lauper, Holly Robinson-Peete, Summer Sanders, Maria Kanellis

Week 7 - Winning Team - Tenacity

No one fired this week. "The Donald" rewarded both teams for their hardwork raising over $100,000.

Week 8 - Winning Team - Rocksolid

Fired - Summer Sanders

Remaining participants - Curtis Stone, Bret Michaels, Sharon Osbourne, Cyndi Lauper, Holly Robinson-Peete, Maria Kanellis

Week 9 - Winning Team - Rocksolid

Fired - Cyndi Lauper

Remaining participants - Curtis Stone, Bret Michaels, Sharon Osbourne, Holly Robinson-Peete, Maria Kanellis

Week 10 - Donald Trump started the episode by firing Maria Kanellis to whittle the show down to the final four. The final four were interviewed by Bill Rancic, the first winner of The Apprentice and Joan Rivers, last season's winner of Celebrity Apprentice. Trump listened to their recommendations and later fired Curtis Stone and Sharon Osbourne. The final two are Bret Michaels and Holly Robinson-Peete.

4/30/10 - Also, we should send our thoughts and prayers with Bret Michaels who was recently suffer a brain hemmorhage. Doctors say he should make a full recovery. Lets hope they are correct. Good luck Bret.

On May 23, 2010, the season finale of The Celebrity Apprentice took place pitting two determined individuals facing off against each other in Holly Robinson-Peete and Bret Michaels. There final task was to build a complete ad campaign for Snapple. Both participants would create their own flavors of Snapple and part of the proceeds for their tea would go to their respective charities. Bret's flavor is called Trop-A-Rocka Diet Snapple. Holly's flavor is called Compassion Berry. Their ad campaign included creating a flavor, marketing it through a three page print ad, a thirty second television commercial, and a final presentation for the Snapple executives and Donald Trump. The 2 hour live finale was emotional as Bret Michaels appeared on stage. This is one of his first appearances since the brain hemmorhage. To no surprise, Donald Trump selected Bret Michaels as the winner of the Celebrity Apprentice. I think Bret had a whole nation rooting for him and you cannot blame them. He has been through alot in the last several weeks. But, Bret worked really hard and did a good job with each and every task he was involved with. For that, Bret should be congratulated.


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