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A Quiet Place (2018) Movie Review - One Of The Best Horror Movie of The Decade

Updated on January 21, 2021
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A Quiet Place was released in 2018
A Quiet Place was released in 2018

A Quiet Place II is scheduled to be released on 23rd April 2021. Before watching the film, let's look back at its predecessor - a masterclass horror film - A Quiet Place.

A Quiet Place is a 2018 film written and directed by John Krasinski. The film stars Emily Blunt and John Krasinski in the lead roles. It is the best horror film I have seen in the whole last decade.

A Quiet Place II Movie Poster
A Quiet Place II Movie Poster

The thing that made this movie so interesting for the fact is that it is not just about crazy people opening something and unleashing the evil spirit that is going to haunt them in the rest of the movie.

Unlike that, this movie is about a post-apocalyptic scenario, where the world is haunted by monsters that don't have eyes, and feeds on all living organisms that make even the teeny tiny noise, thereby the name of the movie - A QUIET PLACE.

Well, the story may sound similar to the 2016 film - Don't Breathe, but this move had monsters that are fast and flesh-eating, which made it even cooler.

Don't Breathe was released on 2016
Don't Breathe was released on 2016

The story revolves around the struggle of one family consisting of a father, mother, and their 3 children trying to escape from the monsters.

The film had me on the edge of my seat from the start till the end. At the start of the movie itself, the family loses their youngest child to the monsters. From there, the thrilling and suspense sequences never went down.

The film according to me seems to be pretty accurate from the scene where they are covering the path by hand and walking on barefoot to using sign languages during communication.

They are also shown to be having a cornfield in the middle of a forest, so there should not be any scarcity of food. Their only struggle now is to be silent. Even the slightest sound will wake up the devil.

Another thing I liked in the movie is the fact that they kept the computer effects i.e the monsters to the minimum level.

The movie was never meant to be about the monster, it is about the family's struggle to survive in the post-apocalyptic world. And the cast portrayed it exceptionally. Both the lead actors were fantastic, amazing, and shined all the time during the film's tense and emotional movements.

Also, the characters in the film are not shown to be dumb like in the other horror movies where a person intentionally opens the ghost of the box. All the accurate measures for them to survive were taken by the characters in the film.

The movie was pretty accurate
The movie was pretty accurate

The film shows many scenes in which the family is supporting each other, caring for loved ones, which is very important when there are people who love, appreciate and respect you, it means so much.

A genre where sound is such an important asset, the film managed to win it with it's silence.

I can't end this article without talking about the Emily Blunt's Birth Giving Scene to her baby in the Bathroom Tub. Man, that was so sensational and awesome. She deserves all the credits for the success of the film.

As I said in the beginning itself, this was my favorite horror movie in the past decade and I am so excited for the second part. I would rate this movie a 10/10 and would recommend anyone to watch it.

Thanks for reading through the article.

So, Are You Excited For Part 2?

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