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A Quiet Place: The Review

Updated on April 11, 2018
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My passion is in the film industry itself but has always loved writing reviews in my spare time. Been doing it since I've been in college.

5 stars for A Quiet Place

This is a film that's surprising that it even got made because there are less than 30 words in the whole film. Actually, the first 15 minutes doesn't even have any words but strictly visual storytelling and it is a spectacular type of gimmick they use in the film because it makes the "scary" parts of the film that more intense. The best way to describe this is that it is intense from start to finish and it plays on that quietness of the film to slowly build scenes while not trying to scare you. John K., the director, states that he presented the intense moments like what he thought could be scary. He states a life lesson when he was on the offense where he wasn't supposed to present what he was saying as being funny but to just say the lines and they come off naturally funny. Like if they were funny, they didn't have to be forced to be funny. I think that's what makes the film so intense is because those parts feel organic. They don't feel like moments that are there to scare us because that's what is supposed to be scary. That would be forcing something that isn't there.

For example, the beginning of the film has no noise then bam something happens. It's not cliched where it tries to make you feel like the jump is happening like most movies with the inclusion of sound. It's first foreshadowed through visuals, then slowly built up to have our antagonist try and deal with it, then the tragic conclusion. John K., who's known for comedy, directs the film perfectly and sets up camera angles that make us feel like we're trapped with the characters and the noise from us could affect the outcome of the film. The film seeps through the screen and onto the audience's actions because the director was able to perfectly captivate what true suspense is. It's actually a really brilliant film and shows that comedy actors can branch out and make near flawless suspense.

One of the most intense openings I've ever seen.
One of the most intense openings I've ever seen.

Now, the film does have some problems in the storytelling part where there are a few plotholes. One is there should be an easy way to kill the monsters and the monsters will sometimes hear soft noises but not hear larger things. There's also a moment towards the end that felt rushed and that has to do with the 1 hour and thirty minutes runtime that doesn't allow the ending to be fleshed out. The last scene was really rushed and has too many plot conveniences for my liking. Also, while the way they ended it was pretty cool and all, but the last shot felt like they were going for comedy. I'm not actually sure and it pushed me out of the story with the tonal shift.

Overall, John Krasinski was able to direct a great suspense film that's able to go against monster movie stereotypes, provides us with some great suspense moments that push on our expectations and the things we're doing in real life, and effectively crafts characters who make normal smart decisions and not movie ones. The almost perfect suspense moments could have benefitted from a better ending while clearing up some plotholes, but an audience member can overlook those things because they'll be sucked into the film.


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