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A Recap of Bob’s Burgers season 6, episode 3 Hauntening:

Updated on January 28, 2016

Bob’s Burgers Season 6, episode 3 aired on October 18th, 2015.

In this Halloween episode, Louise reveals that she has never been scared. Bob and Linda set up a surprise haunted house for the kids, in hope of finally scaring Louise. However as soon as they arrive everything seems to go wrong. Linda gives the kids a tour of the house as “the bride of Dr. Bobenstien,” and she and Bob fail to scare the kids with a hokey spaghetti as intestines routine. Worse yet they forget to put the grapes in a box, that is supposed to have “eyeballs” in it.

When Bob and Linda go to get ready for the next part of the haunted house, Louise suggests to her siblings that they should scare their parents. The kids go into yard and wait for their parents to come looking for them. When Bob and Linda come outside, stuffed into one t-shirt and wearing bald caps, they can only find Tina’s glasses in a pile of leaves. The kids then jump out scaring their parents. Realizing the haunted house is a failure Bob convinces Linda that they might as well go home.

When they go out to the car however, they discover that it has a flat tire. Bob tries to use his cellphone but it has no reception. While standing in the driveway the family notices an old man with a pair of hedge clippers is staring at them. They try to start a conversation with him but he just stands staring at them silently. Creeped out the family decides to go inside and try to call a tow truck on the landline, being sure to lock the door behind them. While Bob is on the phone with the tow truck company, the power goes out and the phone line goes dead.

Now in the dark the Belchers hear a noise coming from the basement. Bob volunteers to go check it out, but the rest of the family decides to go with him as he has the only source of light, the cellphone. As they walk down the stairs Bob tries to reassure his family that it is just a normal basement. But that backfires when they see a ghostly figure that turns out to be just a cloak hanging on a hook. The family’s relief however is short lived, as they soon hear more creepy noises in the basement. In a panic they run up the stairs, locking the basement door behind them. As they run towards the front door the handle begins to jiggle as someone or something is apparently trying to enter.

With nowhere else to go the family heads upstairs to hide. Upon seeing a creepy doll in one of the rooms they decide on hiding in the bathroom. While discussing what they are going to do, they hear a noise drawing closer to the bathroom. Next the family decides the only thing to do is to go out on to the roof, via the bathroom window. On the lawn below a group if three hooded figures appear and the house is surrounded by a ring of fire. Bob then tries to use his phone to call the police, but drops it. The old man from before then shows up opening the bathroom window, causing Louise to scream.

Gene then pulls out a camera and starts taking pictures of her. It is then revealed that the family set the whole thing up, with the assistance of Teddy, Mort, Mort’s mother and her boyfriend. Louise then thanks her family for helping her finally be scared. Later at home they watch the new Halloween themed music video from Boyz4Now.


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