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A Recap of Bob’s Burgers season 6, episode 4 Gayle Makin’ Bob Sled:

Updated on December 2, 2015

Bob’s Burgers Season 6, episode 4 aired on November 8th, 2015.

In this year’s Thanksgiving special, Bob is sent to pick up Gayle, who has sprained his ankle. However after he arrives at Gayle’s apartment, everything starts to go wrong. First, Gayle has trouble getting her shirt on. Gayle informs Bob that they will have to bring one of her cats, Mr. Business, with them because he needs to eat every two hours or he gets lethargic. Bob is then forced to perform a jazzy beat in order to get the cat down from a shelf. He then struggles to keep Mr. Business in a cardboard box as Gayle goes to get tape. Instead of getting the tape right away, Gayle makes a salad, because she promised Linda she would bring one but hasn’t made it yet.

When Bob and Gayle go out to the car a snow plow buries it. Bob then attempts to dig it out with kitty litter scoops is nearly impossible. Bob calls Linda to let her know that he is running late Bob then calls Teddy, hoping that he can give them a ride in his truck, but as it turns out Teddy is on a cruise.

With no other option Bob is forced to pull Gayle in a kiddie pool that she uses to shave her legs while watching TV. While pulling Gayle he calls Linda to inform her that she will have to make dinner. Overwhelmed Linda recruits the kids to assist her. After a while of pulling the kiddie pool, Bob, realizes he has been going in the wrong direction. Gayle opens the box to feed Mr. Business, and he escapes.

While Bob and Gayle are looking for her cat, at home Linda and Tina are doing their best, but Gene and Louise have decided to get creative with the sides by adding candy, chocolate sauce and other incompatible things to the potatoes and green beans. After having a pile of snow fall on him Bob decides he has to rest. Meanwhile, Linda realizes that the turkey is being cooked unevenly and decides she has to turn it. Unfortunately while doing so, she manages to rip off the legs. Still determined she instructs the kids to get her a needle and thread, and she proceeds to sew them back on.

In the snow Bob and Gayle talk while huddling together for warmth, and bond as a result. When Mr. Business runs by them Gayle gets up and runs after him, prompting Bob to confront her. Gayle reveals she was faking in order to get sympathy after being dumped by Mr. Frond. She then runs off in search of her cat and Bob runs after her. Bob then manages to find Mr. Business, but the cat climbs a tree and refuses to come down. In attempt to salvage his Thanksgiving, Bob climbs the tree to retrieve him. While he climbs down, Bob slips and falls with Mr. Business falling safely on top of him.

By falling Bob has seriously injured his back and Gayle must pull him in the kiddie pool. They eventually arrive back at the Belchers’ apartment to unappetizing sides and an inedible turkey. While at the table Gayle reveals that Mr. Frond claimed he was spending Thanksgiving with her aunt, and that she knows he was lying. Tina then points out that she is their aunt and the spend Thanksgiving with her, and that she hasn’t been dumped at all. Gayle later receives a phone call from Mr. Frond but decides to call him back after dinner.


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