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A Recap of Bob’s Burgers season 6, episode 5 Nicecapades:

Updated on December 13, 2015

Aired November 15th, 2015

In this Christmas themed episode of Bob’s Burgers, Tina, Gene and Louise end up on the naughty list after forcing a mall Santa out of a massage chair. They are un-phased until Gene accidently reveals their last name. After Louise has a nightmare about the kids getting coal for Christmas, she decides that they have to things right with mall Santa. After a failed attempt at bribing him with milk and cookies the kids are faced with coming up with a new plan.

While brain storming the kids decide to put on an ice show featuring the nicest things they did all year. Tina reveals that she helped an overturned horseshoe crab, and Gene tells her he let regular sized Rudi have the last taco, when the only other food at the cafeteria was burnt chicken nuggets. As Tina points out however, Gene loves burnt chicken nuggets. Louise however insists that it doesn’t matter, if Gene likes burnt chicken nuggets. Louise also tells Tina embellish her story by adding that she took the crab home with her and now cares for it as a pet.

Louise herself however can’t come up with anything but brushes it off as they prepare for the performance. They manage to get Mr.Fischoder, who is a shareholder, to convince the mall to let them use the rink for the last half hour that the mall is open. However, the kids have to let Mr.Fishoder and his brother Felix perform as their opening acts. The kids also recruit Teddy and some of the members on his hockey team, to perform in their show. Even Bob and Linda get roped in as, Bob has to buy felt at Reflections, and ends up paying double price for felt, mainly because the owners don’t like him. Linda ends up sewing the costumes which include a batch of chicken nuggets, and a horseshoe crab.

When the kids arrive for their performance on Christmas Eve, the Fischoders end up getting more time than originally planned. Santa has gone off into the mall to find a present for his nephew and Louise orders the Fischoders to stall, while Bob and Linda search the mall for Santa. When they find Santa, Bob ends up being in charge of finding a gift, so that he can go watch the show. Bob however fails on his quest to get a great gift for the mall Santa’s nephew as the store he planned on shopping at closes early, forcing Bob to buy calendars.

Meanwhile at the show everything is going well, until it is Louise’s turn and she still can’t come up with one good thing she did the entire year. Frustrated with herself Louise gives up, and admits that she can’t think of anything good that she has done in the entire year, and that she deserves coal. Bob and Linda, tell her that it isn’t true and list her good qualities. Impressed with her honesty, the mall Santa, says he will put in a good word for her with the real Santa, and asks her what she wants for Christmas. Louise replies that she wants a shark. On Christmas morning, however, under the tree for Louise is a goldfish. She insists that next year she expects a great white, under the tree.


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