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A Recap of Bob’s Burgers season 6, episode 7 The Courtney and Gene Show

Updated on February 19, 2016

Bob’s Burgers season 6, episode 7 The Courtney and Gene Show aired on February 14th.

In Season 6’s Valentine’s Day special, Tina is in charge of the Valentine’s Day fundraiser, which is dependent on Bob having pre-ordered carnations, which he hasn’t done. Not wanting to look irresponsible, Bob tells Tina that he has pre-ordered the flowers. Bob calls and visits local flowers shops, but is unable to find the 200 carnations he needs, even after pretending he is dying and needs them for his funeral.

Meanwhile at school, Gene and his ex-girlfriend Courtney entertain the class during the morning announcements and give AV teacher, Mr. Grant, the idea of having them replace Ms. LaBonz, who consistently bores students to sleep. LaBonz isn’t happy to have Gene and Courtney infringing on her territory, and sets them up for failure by withholding one of the announcements, so that they don’t have time to practice. Gene and Courtney end up acing it in spite of Ms. LaBonz’s sabotage and continue doing the second half of the morning announcements.

Because they are working together all the time, Gene and Courtney grow closer, and Gene develops feelings for her. As a result Gene and Courtney end up going out again. Courtney’s father, Dave, confronts Gene, because is worried about his daughter getting hurt again. Gene reassures him that he is not using Courtney, and Dave give him his blessing. Due to the relationship, the show starts suffering and Courtney tells Gene they need to end it. Gene agrees, even though he doesn’t want to end the relationship.

Meanwhile, Tina’s curiosity has gotten the best of her and she gets Louise to pick the lock on the card box for the fundraiser. Things only get worse when Tina rips open all the envelopes, leaving all the cards and envelopes seemingly disorganized as the envelopes only says to and the cards only have who they are from. Louise then comes up with the idea that they can match the handwriting on the cards to the handwriting on the envelopes in order to fix the problem. While Tina is at school, Linda matches up the cards, while hiding the incident from Bob.

Bob meanwhile, goes with Teddy to the flower market, where florists get their supplies, the night before Valentine’s Day and ends up getting ripped off, thanks to Teddy who points out to the suppliers how desperate he is. Bob and Teddy go straight from the flower market to the school, just managing to get them to Tina on time. Bob and Linda confess to each other what happened with the flowers and the cards. Then they both reveal that they didn’t get anything for the other for Valentine’s Day, and decide to go make out.


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