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A Recap of Bob’s Burgers season 6, episode 8 Sexy Dance Healing

Updated on February 23, 2016

Sexy Dance Healing aired on February 21st, 2016.

After struggling to come up with a great burger of the day, Bob decides to take a walk. During his walk Bob slips and injures his shoulder. After being told by the doctor that he needs a $6000 surgery, Bob goes to see a lawyer, about suing Jairo, Tina’s former capoeira instructor, who caused Bob’s fall by pouring massage oil on the sidewalk outside his studio. The lawyer wants to sue Jairo for $300,000, but Bob simply wants the surgery paid for. The lawyer then offers to write a strongly worded letter to Jairo encouraging him to pay for the surgery.

Upon receiving the letter Jairo shows up at the restaurant and makes a proposition. He will use his healing skills to heal Bob, and if it doesn’t work he will then pay for the surgery. Bob accepts and the two begin working together to heal his shoulder. After several sessions Bob can do many of the things his doctor said he wouldn’t be able to do without surgery. Unfortunately, Jairo, who doesn’t worry about money get evicted for not paying his rent. Bob then invites him to stay with the family, so that Jairo can continue to help him.

Meanwhile the kids, after seeing how effective a letter from a lawyer can be start using fake letters from their own made up law firm to get their way at school. Bob soon begins adopting some of Jairo’s habits, and then stops doing his burger of the day after Jairo tells him it is too stressful. Teddy and the kids are all horrified to see the blank board. After becoming annoyed with the fact that hanging out with Jairo is changing their father, they send Jairo a letter to try to get him to leave. Unfortunately, this backfires when Jairo brings in the lawyer the family previously saw, and the kids admit that they were the ones that sent it.

In order to get Jairo out of their house, the kids try to use a fake letter on Mr. Fischoeder who is also Jairo’s landlord. Mr. Fischoeder however, sees through their trick, admitting that he often uses fake lawyers himself, and that he had done so to stop the wharf workers from unionizing. Realizing his mistake, he offers to let Jairo move back in order to keep the kids quiet.

Back at the restaurant Bob gets a to-go order for a burger of the day and has to come up with something on the fly. He decides just to use whatever he has in the fridge, and come up with the “Runny out of Thyme Burger,” which comes with a runny egg and thyme. When Jairo sees that Bob has come up with a new burger, he reminds Bob how stressed out it made him. Linda, however, points out that it also makes Bob happy and Bob decides to keep on doing his burger of the day again. Teddy and the kids are relieved to see that there is a burger of the day again, however Teddy orders something else, and tells Bob the new burger sounds gross.


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