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A Review of Anime Studio Debut 8

Updated on February 21, 2012

Anime Studio Debut 8 from SmithMicro Software is a smart and reasonably priced animation system for novice and advanced cartoon enthusiasts to create their own 2D masterpieces.

The software is compatible with both Windows (7, XP, Vista) and Mac (X10.5 or higher) operating systems. Getting started is easy as two manuals are provided to familiarize users with the features available in Studio Debut 8. The Quick Start manual guides one through the software’s major features with five interactive tutorials. From drawing simple shapes and filling them with color to creating simple animations like the one below:

From there, the tutorials show users how to create backgrounds by adding layers and inserting images. One the most exciting features of this software is the Bones feature. Bones help you bring your images to life by allowing them to move freely. The Quick Start manual also runs through adding simple special effects and animating your projects

OK, Pixar Studios probably won’t extend an offer of employment, nor is there an Academy Award in my immediate future. This software is not designed for creating award-winning work. However, these animations were created after just one hour of running through the Quick Start tutorials.

For more polished results, the Anime Studio Debut 8 User’s Manual provides additional tutorials for using the software’s Drawing, Bones, Images, Animation and Effects tools. Following the tutorials, the manual offers in-depth explanations of the tools and how they can be used to create eye-catching cartoons.

Again, if you are a serious, professional animator looking to create commercially viable projects, you should consider Anime Studio Pro 8 software as it offers powerful features designed for professional animations. However, if you are looking to create short, fun cartoons to upload to YouTube or Facebook or are interested in getting started in animation, then Anime Studio Debut 8 will provide you with more than enough features to accomplish your goal.

Those already familiar with animation software should be up and running within an hour of beginning the tutorials. For complete beginners – like me – allow time to become proficient in the features. A learning curve is needed, especially for the more advanced tools like Bones and Animation. While not entirely difficult, these tutorials will require your full attention and several attempts before you will master them and be able to successfully apply them to your projects. Don’t become frustrated and give up. Once you get the hang of it, Anime Studio Debit 8 will foster your creativity and provide hours of enjoyment.


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