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A Review of Electra Heart by Marina and The Diamonds Track by Track Part 1

Updated on October 8, 2015
Album Cover
Album Cover

Though out a lot earlier in her native UK, Marina’s second album Electra Heart was released in North America on July 11th, 2012. As a follow up to her first album, Family Jewels, Electra Heart despite having a different sound does not disappoint. As with Family Jewels Marina shows off her wide vocal range throughout Electra Heart’s tracks. Her songs aren’t usual of today’s pop with their clever and meaningful lyrics.

1. Bubblegum Bitch:

As the first track on the album "Bubblegum Bitch" gives a good lead off for the other tracks. This track is fast paced and has a summery feel. The lyrics are contagious and it is one of those songs that gets stuck in your head so easily. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself singing this one out of nowhere after listening to it a few times. "Bubblegum Bitch’s" sour and sweet lyrics- and Marina’s delivery will have you pressing replay.

The video for Primadonna

2. Primadonna:

Track number two on the album, "Primadonna", continues with the fast pace and light heeartedness of "Bubblegum Bitch". "Primadonna" is fun and appealing because most girls have a bit of a "Primadonna" in them. In "Primadonna", Marina, as in her previous work, continues to acknowledge a desire for more than one possesses and perfection. Unlike reality the song says she isn't deserving of success because she doesn't work for it. Perhaps this is how she feels others think about her and other successful and talented people. Like some of her other songs, "Primadonna" is both mocking and serious at the same time. "Primadonna" is a lively song that will have you singing along. The video makes me think of a grown up Eloise. The outfits are adoreable and will have you saying "WOW." Many of Marina's fans have already been inspired to try to recreate the vintige inspired looks in "Primadonna" and her other videos. A classic and elegant style which like Marina seems to be here to stay.

Marina's Albums

Electra Heart
Electra Heart

Regular Edition


3. Lies:

"Lies" both slows down and changes the mood that the first two tracks build up. This track is emotional and meaningful. It is about two people in a relationship that stay together in spite of the fact that their relationship is built on lies because he doesn’t even really like her. However she knows this and still stays because she doesn’t want to give up even though she knows their relationship has no real foundation. "Lies" is a beautiful piece and arguably the acoustic version sounds even more beautiful.

4. Homewrecker:

The pace of "Homewrecker", though still slow, is slightly faster than that of Lies. "Homewrecker" is a catchy song and makes it difficult to take the term in its literal meaning-(in reference to this song, in my opinion- it seems to refer to a girl who refuses to “settle down.”) Despite this the "Homewrecker’s" lyrics contain some of the sad truth about love; including how for most young women every boyfriend is the one, until they realize otherwise and that past mistakes are often repeated in new relationships. "Homewrecker" possesses a sad undertone, therefore continuing the mood established previously, in lies.

5. Starring Role:

"Starring Role" continues the slow, sad theme of the previous two tracks. The song describes a very one-sided relationship. One person, in this case the woman, cares for the other far more than he cares for her. "Starring role" describes the emotional trials experienced during this relationship and proclaims if you can’t have the starring role in someone’s heart than its better to be single and alone. "Starring Role’s" lyrics are both depressing and relatable. It's definitely a song that many women can relate to.

6. The State of Dreaming:

"The State of Dreaming" is a slow and soft song that discusses living in one’s own reality rather than in what really is reality. “I only waken when I sleep,” could suggest that one only feels truly alive in one’s dreams (reality feeling like a bad dream) “My life is a play,” could express a desire to control one’s own life completely- by being able to write its script. However it could also be connected to feeling like you are following a script as a predetermined plot of your life. "State of Dreaming" is yet another beautiful song and relatable on this album with a sad undertone.

Family Jewels: (Piano, Vocal, Guitar)
Family Jewels: (Piano, Vocal, Guitar)

The Music for Marina's Album Family Jewels



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