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A Review of Lee Strobel's film "The Case for Christ"

Updated on December 15, 2014

Lee Strobel, in The Case for Christ presents an accurate and fascinating case for the validity of the Jesus of the New Testament. Part biography, part science, this well put together film is one of my new favorites. It is both entertaining and accurate in providing reliable information about why we should believe. As a journalist, Lee Strobel’s background gave him the abilities he needed to not only overcome his atheism, but teach others about why the New Testament is accurate.

Strobel presents his evidence in the setting of a courtroom drama. Because of his journalism experience (much of which took place in a courtroom) he makes an astounding “case” for Christ. His comfortable style is easy to understand. Also, he taps into the knowledge of experts such as N.T. Wright, J.P. Moreland, Gary Habermas, Michael Licona, Mark Strauss and others.

Together, these men systematically prove wrong the arguments made by most atheists. They expose the arguments, showing that many of them are based in ignorance; ignorance that Lee Strobel has experienced himself. As a former atheist (antagonistic to Christianity) and husband of a former agnostic (ambivalent to Christianity), Strobel can view these arguments literally “from the inside out.”

Rather than taking on only the simple issues we have all heard before, this film takes on the whole thing. The big issues such as the miracles in the Bible and the fact that Jesus claimed to forgive sins are not overlooked. They explain how only Jesus could have fulfilled all these prophecies from the Old Testament. They also explain points of Christ’s life such as His birth and his death.

As a believer of many years, I’ve always heard that Jesus had fulfilled Old Testament prophecies “X,Y and Z.” However, for the first time, in Lee Strobel’s film, I had them explained to me. None one has ever done that for me before. Their take was, “here’s the prophecy, here’s how Jesus fulfilled it and here’s what it means.” This was the most fascinating part of the entire film for me. Also, one of their points was that James and Paul are examples of people who did not believe during Jesus’ lifetime and yet, their minds were changed. Very few people will force themselves to believe something that they do not want to be true. I had never heard an argument like this before.

This film is not for only believers or unbelievers. It is for everyone. It has the capability to enlighten unbelievers and expose their arguments as well as the heart issue. Also, it has the ability to encourage believers in their faith and help them develop apologetic strategies. Though I was already aware of some of the points the film made, I still found it enormously helpful, and it has given me a greater interest in finding out about these arguments for myself. Much of the information they presented was entirely new to me.


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