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A Review of Slayer’s 2009 album "World Painted Blood": Jeff Hanneman's Last Musical Contribution

Updated on February 15, 2018

An image of the CD World Painted Blood

Track Listing for the album World Painted Blood

  1. World Painted Blood
  2. Unit 731
  3. Snuff
  4. Beauty Through Order
  5. Hate Worldwide
  6. Public Display of Dismemberment
  7. Human Strain
  8. Americon
  9. Psychopathy Red
  10. Playing With Dolls
  11. Not of This GOD

The album would be the last contribution for Jeff Hanneman (1964-2013)

American thrash metal band Slayer is known worldwide for such classic albums as Reign in Blood and South of Heaven. Their 2009 album World Painted Blood is another one of these good albums. This would be the last album for Jeff Hanneman because he would die of liver failure in 2013. This would also be the last album for drummer Dave Lombardo because he would be fired by the band again.

World Painted Blood Review Part 1

The title track is easily the longest song in the album clocking in at almost 6 minutes long. Even though the album is only 39 minutes long it is still an enjoyable listen for those that really appreciate this band. The song is about all the vices of this world including the fact that we have tons of disease. The band also tries to point out what can happen if man takes it upon himself to act like GOD. That will only lead to disastrous results. The songs Unit 731 and Snuff are fast ones that sound like they have a punk kind of feel to them. Slayer’s lyrics tend to not be the most positive but for those that enjoy thrash metal, they will like this album as well. Snuff is actually about someone who is willing to commit violent acts to achieve his objectives. The band slows down a bit for the song called Beauty Through Order.

The album’s executive producer is Rick Rubin, the same person that would produce Metallica’s Death Magnetic album in 2008. Slayer uses lots of speed in their songs but the one thing that this band suffers from is the lack of variety in their songs. However, the band redeems themselves with the solid mid-tempo song Human Strain. Americon is the best song in this album. It describes how US foreign policy is motivated by the desire to obtain vast sums of wealth through oil. Meanwhile, the public is manipulated by the media that insists the US is only doing these things to serve their national interests. Slayer tries to point out the flaws of US foreign policy and I applaud them for doing so. We have to be informed about what is really going on in this country. Corporate greed has led to vast sums of money for these corporations while the middle class continues to suffer. Americon is a classic song to listen to. The extremely fast song Psychopathy Red sees vocalist and bassist Tom Araya use his harshest and highest screams yet. However, the song is kind of sub-standard.

The back of the album cover with the track listing

What is Slayer's Contribution to the Thrash Metal Genre?

Slayer may have experienced some weaker moments as a band with albums such as Diabolus in Musica or 2001’s God Hates Us All but this album shows that they did not stay down for long! However, Slayer is not as good of a thrash metal band as Canada's Annihilator for instance. However, Slayer has influenced other thrash metal bands such as "The Haunted" a very heavy thrash metal band that has excellent riffing and vocals that have such a harsh kind of shout that makes you wonder how it is possible that a band could have vocals so rough.

The excellent song called Human Strain (with pictures)

How good is the album and how big of an influence has the band been for other bands?

World Painted Blood is certainly a better album than what Slayer was making starting in the early to mid-1990 with albums such as Divine Intervention and Undisputed Attitude. That stated, this is not even close to being as good as Reign in Blood. The strongest songs in this album are the title track, Human Strain and Americon. The album gets an 80 out of 100 points in the opinion of this writer. It has a few not so good songs and that’s why I had to give it a lower score. However, Slayer rebounds as a band and puts out what is still a very good album overall. Slayer has influenced many bands such as Canada’s Annihilator and Illinois based metalcore band Born of Osiris. As of 2015, Slayer has been in the music business for 34 years. They have constantly stuck to their main style of thrash metal and have not deviated from this path. They are a good thrash metal band but I prefer bands such as Kreator, Tankard, and Holy Moses.

The song called Americon (easily the best song on the album)


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