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A Review of the 1993 Thrash Metal Album "Independent" by Sacred Reich

Updated on May 16, 2022
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

The American flag, a symbol of one of the values of the nation and it also symbolizes this album's title.
The American flag, a symbol of one of the values of the nation and it also symbolizes this album's title. | Source

Why Is Independent Such An Important Heavy Metal Album?

Independent is the very good thrash metal album by Phoenix Arizona based band Sacred Reich. It came out in 1993 and it is their best work in their career. The album was written to raise awareness to the way that the American political system has changed so much that there are so many vices including corruption. The band brought these same themes up just a few years earlier in their 1990 classic “The American Way.” However, unlike the Surf Nicaragua CD, there are no cover songs on this album. Sacred Reich were for a while one of the good thrash metal bands but I will stop short of saying they were elite. They were not quite as good as Metallica but they were good enough even for American standards. The album’s cover seems to me to be an image of New York City, one of the greatest cities in the world.

At the end of this review, there is an update to one of the songs.

Independent: Songs 1-5 Including the Musically Awesome If Only

Independent is a song about someone who feels that he has the right to make his own choices and live the way that he wants. This album is memorable to me because my brother introduced me to this album and I was immediately impressed with it. Some of you may be annoyed with Phil Rind’s loud, bellowing style voice but I think he’s pretty good, better than such vocalists as John Arch. Are there better thrash metal albums than Independent? Certainly there are many that are superior to this one but this one deserves praise and credit as well because of the song "If Only." This is no doubt one of the best soft instrumental songs ever written! US bands such as Prong, Megadeth, and Danzig never even did this and yet they were more popular than Sacred Reich was. Often times, music is a sort of popularity contest. One of the greatest songs in the band’s history is the really beautiful ballad song called If Only. It is so good that it is a musical gem! "Free" is a song about seeking liberation from thoughts of hate. We can become truly free when we unite for a common cause towards causes that aid in making our country better. Just Like That is a song about how fast things can change in the world. Human life can change as well because one second we are here and the next second we may not be around.

"Supremacy" is about the effects of the abuse of power in countries around the world. When the objective is to feel superior by taking advantage of others than that is not supremacy but manipulation.

Further Thoughts On The Amazing Song If Only

"If Only" has passion, brilliance, elegance, and power all in one! Wiley Arnett does such a beautiful job with the guitar work! This song has the potential to make you cry and it sometimes does this to me as well. Just like the judges on the reality based show Dancing With the Stars give out 10’s for amazing dances, If Only deserves a perfect 10 for how utterly amazing the song is!

This must be the time to express gratitude towards Sacred Reich for having the creativity, intellect, and musical skill that is required to create such a strong musical masterpiece as the song If Only!

If you feel like wanting to get emotional after hearing this song, you are certainly not alone because it happens to me as well.

"If Only" One Of The Most Beautiful Ballads Ever

Analysis of the Songs Crawling, Pressure and Product

As the second half of the album begins, we are treated to four very good songs in a row starting with the heavy "Crawling." The last part is an awesome slow section. The heaviness in this song is classic and for 1993 standards this one is pretty heavy! Pressure is a pretty good fast song and then we get into the really groovy thrash song Product. "Pressure" is an excellently written song about wanting to get back on track in life when we have a lack of drive and thought.

How Are the Rest of the Songs In "Independent?"

"I Never Said Goodbye" is an excellent song about someone who has lost the love of his life. He is really upset because he feels like he took things for granted. He feels that there was so much to say to her yet cannot because she has passed from this world. Never take your relationships with people for granted, especially those that you love. After the substandard song "Open Book," the album ends with the good fast song "Do It!" Independent proved to be Sacred Reich’s finest moment as a band. This writer gives this album an 85 out of 100 points for the overall good songwriting. The song "Crawling" is an excellent heavy song that follows the best instrumental song that Sacred Reich ever wrote in their history not just because of the way that the notes are played. The song flows so well because of its nearly flawless construction.


Favorite Song On The Album Independent

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Updated Analysis of the Album Independent

Now that I look back at the song "Open Book" is it really that substandard? Maybe the lyrics are kind of obvious and cheesy but the main riff of the song is okay to decent. As of 2019, we have to give Independent credit where it is due and this is Sacred Reich’s best album.

The Amazing Song "I Never Said Goodbye"

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© 2016 Ara Vahanian


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