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A Review of the Album "Adult Orientation" by Swedish Hard Rock Band Bad Habit

Updated on April 14, 2020
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is looking to always explore his writing opportunities.

A Photo of the Album Adult Orientation by the Band Bad Habit

Introduction to the Album "Adult Orientation" and the Band Bad Habit

"Adult Orientation" is the brilliant 1998 studio album by Swedish hard rock band Bad Habit with songs that focus on love and relationships but this album is unlike any hard rock album that you may have heard in your life. The vocals are provided by Swedish singer Bax Fehling and American born guitarist Hal Marabel also known as Hal Johnston formed this group back in 1986. Credit must be given to my brother who introduced me to this album way back when (possibly the early to mid-2000’s). In a day and age where there may be so many bands that remain obscure and forgotten, the goal here is to give this talented group of Swedes some sort of recognition.

Adult Orientation... the Songs Part 1

Shine Your Light on Me begins this brilliant masterpiece in hard rock history. Sometimes when we feel that life is too much to handle, we have to have the inner strength to carry on and love will find us. Sometimes we also feel that we have to make that special person ours so that they can spend their life with us. It goes without saying that Sweden is one of the greatest nations in the world when it comes to hard rock and heavy metal and Bad Habit adds to the excellence of Swedish metal! Heart of Mine is a song about someone that feels that they have been lied to by the one that they love and these kinds of accusations can catch us off guard. But for me at least article #836 is about a band that should get more recognition than they may have gotten since their formation in the 1980’s. Can we get over someone that has lied to us? It is very tough to do so especially if that person has really let us down and we felt connected to them. However as the song tries to say, loving the person is the best that we can do. The production remains so crisp as the theme of love dominates Adult Orientation. We always wish that we could be with the person that we love all the time. True love will never die because true love is what keeps the feeling of love alive for life.

The Greatness of the Song Hard Rain Fallin'

Hard Rain Fallin’ is a classic, catchy love song about a person that sits in his car driving through Highway 1 wondering why his love relationship ended. The beginning riff reminds me of a song that the band Boston would have written in their early days. Love is no illusion or is it? Can love sometimes be deceptive? Sometimes, certain people even the ones we love can let us down. The band should have just written the word falling for the song but they did a rather unusual thing in creating one of their best songs.

Hard Rain Fallin' Song 9 from Adult Orientation

Adult Orientation Is an Album That Hard Rock Lovers Will Enjoy With These Similar Artists

The album is a great mix of solid hard rock songs and this album is recommended for fans of bands like Dokken, Europe, Altaria, and others. Even the song called Girl is a good, relaxing song after the album has seen greatness that is tough to even describe here. I can say that if you ever find that special someone they will be special to you.

The Greatness of the Song Everytime I See You

The song Everytime I See You has one of the best choruses that music fans will hear as Bax Fehling really lets those words out with passion. Passion in music really adds to the creativity of any band. If we could just hold that person tight in our arms would we be the same ever again? The song reminds me of a friend that I may be falling in love with but time will tell. As the song says “wherever there is hope, there is time.” Hope gives us chances to manifest love but we must love ourselves first. If you cry at the thought of thinking of your loved one, just know that you are not alone.

"Lost Without You"

Adult Orientation the Songs Part 2

Miss It When It’s Gone is a song reminding us that the beauty that we seek is right in front of us if we open up our eyes to see. The fact that you are taking the time to read this review is a beautiful thing in and of itself. The good times that we experience will be gone one day and we will miss them so we have to appreciate every good moment that we have. The theme of love and romance seems to get even stronger as this album progresses with songs such as Lost Without You and Suddenly. Writing these words almost brings me to tears and it may do the same to you as well. The power of love is strong in this album! Suddenly is one of those songs that lets us know that there are times in life when we think that someone is meant to spend the rest of their lives with us and then like a flash of lightning, the relationship ends and we are left wondering why. Even though we might feel lost without something in life, just know that this vast Universe loves us very much. Special thanks and love goes once again to my friend and first love Kae Nakamura I LOVE YOU!!

Final Thoughts About the Album Adult Orientation

Adult Orientation is a hard rock album for the ages that is solid from start to finish and should be an album that fans of hard rock should love. The best songs in this album are too many to mention such as Hard Rain Fallin’, Lost Without You, Suddenly, and Shine Your Light On Me.

© 2018 Ara Vahanian


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