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A Review of the Album Sanctified by Finnish Thrash Metal Band St. Hood

Updated on July 20, 2020
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

John the Baptist, a symbolism of this band's name.
John the Baptist, a symbolism of this band's name. | Source

The Band St. Hood's Style of Hardcore Thrash Metal May Be Both A Strength and a Weakness

The debut album of Finnish thrash metal band St. Hood Sanctified begins so intensely that it may be hard for some of us to handle the rough vocals and the loud, heavy guitars. Sanctified was released in July 2005. Sainthood is a song that focuses on how sinners can become saints. If there are any weak points about St. Hood it is that they do not really go away from the pattern of this relentless hardcore thrash metal that we hear on both of the albums For the Dead and Sanctified which are the two albums that this band had even when we included this section.

Even if that is a weak point for this band, it is not weak enough for fans to run away from this album.

The Song Deep Breath Represents the Strong Musical Nature of the Band St. Hood

One such example is the song called Deep Breath. The song starts off with this acoustic part but it isn’t long before it gets heavy and gradually builds up into this hardcore thrash style but this style fits this band well and it works. St. Hood is a band that sounds very much like Hateframe, another Finnish thrash metal band that has since disbanded. The song might as well be about taking a deep breath before going into the eye of the storm or the part that threatens to suck us into the abyss.

Sanctified Is Not as Good of An Album As the One Called For the Dead

As of July 2020, we are only analyzing the band’s debut album Sanctified. The other noticeable quality about this first album of theirs is that guitar solos are not really present. Some of you might then ask how it is possible for St. Hood to be one of the best bands in the world. In terms of hardcore thrash metal, they do pretty well even if the solos aren’t there. Even so, St. Hood’s second album For the Dead is the stronger album.

“Sainthood” a song that probably was influenced by the band’s name of St. Hood, lyrically tries to tell us that this is the day that sinners will become saints. That’s a philosophical way of looking at the concept of the fact that humans have always sinned since the beginning of time. St. Hood is definitely a step up from other Finnish thrash metal bands such as Airdash or Mental Care Foundation. There has definitely been a growth in the Finnish thrash metal scene and Finland is even improving in that category! If this trend continues, Finland should be put on top of the list along with Germany. “Solid Hate” is a song that sees Sami Halme’s vocals get even harsher at one point as the song lyrically is about a person that is so bitter that he hates everything about other people’s lives. He thinks that others deserve the hate that is heaped upon them.

"Deep Breath"

Final Thoughts About the Album Sanctified As of This Writing

“Cursed Prayer” is a song that sort of sounds like the song Control, a great thrash metal song that you will hear on the album For the Dead if you do end up listening to that album. The song “Stonesoul” tries to suggest that nothing will ever be the same but such a sentiment and attitude will only serve to make things much worse in our lives if we continue to have such a mindset. How interesting it is that I am listening to this song at a time when much of the world has been affected by the COVID-19 virus. It just goes to show that even in “bad” times, there are things to look forward to such as the fact that artists will continue releasing music and they will still be heard. The riffing and songs on Sanctified are good but the vocals need to be improved upon, something that we would hear on the band’s next album called For The Dead in 2009.

© 2020 Ara Vahanian


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