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A Review of the Album "Scenes" by Marty Friedman

Updated on November 28, 2020
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.


What is Scenes And Why is It a Significant Album?

Scenes is the second studio album by guitarist Marty Friedman and it was released in 1992. This is going to be quite a surprise for fans of him to hear an album that is toned down and softer. Unlike his 1988 debut solo album Dragon’s Kiss, Scenes is more of a new age style album that is more suitable to listen to if you had a rough day at work and you just want to settle down and de-stress.

Scenes from a musical standpoint differs remarkably from Marty Friedman’s 1988 studio album Dragon’s Kiss in the sense that Scenes has a mostly laid back and cleaner guitar tone instead of the distorted guitar work that we heard on Dragon’s Kiss. However, Scenes is not a totally soft album as there are still lead guitar parts played that tell you that this album is a mixture of new age, classical influenced and rock all in one. However, if you are looking for an album that contains mostly heavy shredding guitar material then Scenes will leave you vastly disappointed. It is extremely difficult to classify Scenes in one musical category though.

How Does "Scenes" Begin?

For a music lover, Scenes is a welcome treat for those that want to explore other musical genres. But the album begins with the song "Tibet" as the sound of bells can be heard and here we go with the album Scenes as Marty Friedman shows his other creative side and that is something that music fans should be grateful for.

"Scenes" Album Review Valley of Eternity

"Valley of Eternity" is the first really standout song on this album and it is the first memorable one for me. The symphonic beauty starts to set in. THIS is how an American musician should write music, music with beauty, creativity, and passion. Those three traits are what Jason Becker had until ALS robbed him of his creative guitar playing skills. Joining Marty Friedman on this album is former drummer Nick Menza (1964-2016). For the United States, guitarists such as Marty Friedman, Jason Becker, and Vinnie Moore are three of the finest instrumental rock musicians of all time.

The Songs "Tibet" and "Angel"

The Songs Night, Realm of the Senses, and West

“Night” has the feel of a progressive soft rock kind of song that you could indeed listen to at night. "Realm of the Senses" starts out with some Japanese spoken dialogue before transitioning into a beautiful ambient, new age kind of song. The song still has leads that are reminiscent of what you would hear on Dragon’s Kiss but the difference is that instead of neoclassical shred metal, on Scenes what you hear is a much softer, atmospheric new age approach by Marty Friedman. As the song ends we hear drops of rain and then comes the slower song called "West" that has guitar taps that are slow in nature and it sounds like a classical song without sounding like a typical classical song if you know what I mean. For Friedman, this is a way to experiment and showcase his true talents, something he wasn’t able to do as a member of Megadeth except focus on playing heavy guitars and using fast lead guitar parts.


The Songs Trance, Triumph, and Conclusion

The song "Trance" is kind of like a rock song that we would have heard from Marty in 1988. Triumph is a re-recorded version of the song "Thunder March" and this one is of the classical style. It is great to see that even when Marty Friedman changed styles he was still able to excel musically!!! What are the best songs in the album? The answer is most of them!

The Song Called "Night"

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