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A Review of the Album "Swansong" by British Death Metal Band Carcass

Updated on July 8, 2019
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is looking to always explore his writing opportunities.

About the Album Swansong and How Good it Is

“Swansong” is the 1996 studio album by British death metal band Carcass and following the album Heartwork, the feeling was how was this band going to do after such an impressive album like that? Generation Hexed has a riff which would be used as an influence by Metallica in the later part of the 2000’s. The song describes an entire generation of people that is lost without direction as they flock like sheep believing ideologies that no longer work for them. Does this sound familiar? I think most of us can figure out what I am referring to here. Swansong overall is a decent album even for this band’s standards but it cannot compare to the musical brilliance found on Heartwork. Note: one of the reasons for this review is because of motivation to show that contrary to what is believed in the US, the US is not the best country in the world especially for heavy metal music. The UK has always had the upper hand on the US in this category.

Swansong Front Album Cover

Swansong and the Greatness of the Band Carcass

Swansong is also the last album released by Carcass before their hiatus. How did I get this far on Hubpages? Sheer desire and determination. I also enjoy covering albums from British bands and the band Carcass is no exception as they are one of the best melodic extreme metal bands in the world. When you write an album review, you can offer your own perspective without the fear of too much backlash or criticism for the most part. It is through the power of music that we can appreciate other nations even if we did not appreciate them at first. The UK has always excelled at heavy metal since the genre came into existence.

Swansong the Review Part 1

The band covers politics and social issues in this album particularly with the first song that is about the decline of the Western countries as the thrill of cheap labor increases in East Asia. The album should be a sort of wakeup call to those of us in the United States: our manufacturing base has weakened considerably. Besides, the UK has the US beat in terms of quality heavy metal bands even now. Tomorrow Belongs to Nobody might as well be a song about the fact that tomorrow is promised to no one and some people wait for tomorrow for magical things to happen as that day never comes. This is one of the reasons why I did not wait a second longer to start writing this review. Life is meant to be enjoyed at all costs even if it is not perfect. Swansong features guitarist Carlo Regadas who replaced Michael Amott who departed and formed the band Arch Enemy. Cross my Heart might as well be a humorous way of looking at the feeling of love. If we replace love with lust it will only end up hurting us in the long term because beauty is not only skin deep to a person that really values the beauty of people.

Heartwork VS. Swansong

Which one of these two Carcass albums do you enjoy more?

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Swansong the Review Part 3

Room 101 is a song that describes a future that is filled with scars and the fear of the most destructive weapon known to man. The song is also a description about a person that sits in his own private room. Polarized is a song about not wanting to be caught up in the controversy of someone else’s political beliefs. Unfortunately, politics makes people put up a personal kind of wall to guard their own beliefs and then they try to force these beliefs on other people. This is something that happens too often in the United States these days as the nation has become more divided than ever. Rock the Vote is a song that criticizes establishment politics because the song is trying to say that contrary what we are being told, everything isn’t fine. The establishment does not want to see dissent, they just want people to follow along with what they say and this is a form of control. The song is kind of like an Iron Maiden influenced song except it is written as a death metal song.

Don’t Believe a Word is a song that tries to get the message across that we should not always believe what we read or hear as not all sources are reliable sources. Overall, Swansong is a good last album for the UK’s Carcass before their breakup or hiatus but it is not as good as Heartwork because the solos are not as good and the songwriting is just a notch below that album. But with this album, Carcass made a statement that they are still a musical force to be reckoned with!

© 2018 Ara Vahanian


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