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A Review of the Album "Ten" by British Melodic Hard Rock Band Ten

Updated on June 22, 2020
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

"Ten" Album Cover

Brief Introduction to the Album Ten

"Ten" is the debut album by British melodic hard rock band Ten released in 1996 and this album is a gem in the melodic hard rock genre due to the power and passion of vocalist Gary Hughes. The album’s title is written like this: “X” to signify that it is like the Roman numeral X.

Ten: the First Two Songs

The album begins with the song called The Crusades/It’s All About Love with the first section being a nice instrumental part that is classically influenced. You can hear it in the sound and for 1996 standards, this debut from Ten has solid sound and you can hear the crunchiness in the guitars. I get the sense that this first part is melodic enough to have been influenced by other artists such as Helloween. Gary Hughes makes the next part sound like love is like a war that many of us are fighting for. There are times when we fall in love and it is s strong that we feel like we are going to melt in that person’s arms. We are told to love others as much as we can but when someone has wronged us, love can be very difficult to incorporate in our lives. Lyrically the song discusses that love can be a total nightmare but then when that special someone makes us feel special, something like that is said to turn our lives around. Can love be both a blessing and a curse?

The Album Ten and the Theme of Love

The main lyrical theme in Ten that is brought up constantly is love and this is especially the case in the song called Yesterday Lies in the Flames. Most of us have been in a situation where we cannot stand the sight of not being with our loved ones and we can be so emotional that we must have that person nearby. The strong and heavy song called The Torch is a plea for more love as the person really craves so much love that he is willing to make love until daybreak. Is that a form of love addiction? That may be an addiction but it is part of human nature that we expect the lady to turn herself on and make herself available to us.

Stay With Me has this sort of power metal feel to it in the beginning as the song is about love and cherish for life. He tries to convince her that she knows that she is his man so that she can spend the rest of her life with him. Ten is a solid love themed melodic hard rock album even for the time which it was written. Vinny Burns as he taps the notes makes everything gel so beautifully that you wonder how this could all be possible.

"Stay With Me"

Analysis of the Songs Close Your Eyes and Dream and Eyes of a Child

At this point in the album Ten, this is where the songwriting really has feel, power, and emotion as the song Close Your Eyes and Dream is a classic love song about one of our lifelong goals that we had dreamed about and imagined is lying beside us. We will convince that person that our love will last a lifetime. The power in Gary Hughes’ voice makes me become convinced that he is one of the best melodic hard rock vocalists ever because of his soothing, low range. I have been in love as well and the feeling is surreal, soothing, and so powerful that you sometimes cannot describe the feeling in words. We can attract what we want by dreaming so the idea of closing our eyes and dreaming makes lots of logical sense.

Eyes of a Child is about sometimes not wanting to grow up and instead wanting to literally change the toys instead. We grow up and become adults and wealth is seen as the biggest form of security as the cycle of materialism continues until we stop it and ask ourselves what we really want to be, do, and have.

"Close Your Eyes and Dream"

Final Thoughts About the Album "Ten"

Can’t Slow Down once again continues the theme of love that is so present in “Ten” as the person imagines that his love interest is his date and he even knows that he may be infatuated with her. When we know what we desire, we cannot let go of that desire and it is like we must go after that thing. Our lover knows on some level what she inspires in us. The sound in the album Ten is powerful, crisp, and pure. Lamb to the Slaughter is another love song but in this one the message is to be careful whom you fall in love with because sometimes she may really take advantage of you that it seems that she may be like an animal. Soliloquy leads into the song called The Loneliest Place in the World as this last song wraps up one of the finest melodic hard rock albums if you can handle the riffing and emotion in the album. It is proper to thank the band Ten for brightening our world and putting that extra spark in it.

Rating for the Album Ten: 95 out of 100 points

© 2018 Ara Vahanian


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