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A Review of the Album "the Game" by Austrian Heavy Metal Band Dreams of Sanity

Updated on May 4, 2022
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

A Little Bit of Beginning Analysis of The Game Dreams of Sanity's Best Album

The Game is the 3rd studio album by Austrian and Swiss Gothic Metal band Dreams of Sanity and it is also unfortunately their last one but it is a shining example of great Gothic metal with towering vocals by the beautiful Sandra Schleret! Is this album perfect? No but it is nonetheless an example of how to go out as a band if this is to be your last work. Among Austrian heavy metal bands Dreams of Sanity, Edenbridge, and Darkwell are the three finest that I have heard.

How Does the Album "The Game" Begin?

The first song is the first part of Infinity called In. It is a short instrumental that leads into the song called The Creature That You Came To See. Are we ready to witness a dance or ready to witness a Gothic metal album that only gets better as it goes on?

The Creature That You Came to See” is the first full song in this album and this one is a start to what is going to be a memorable Gothic rock album.

"The Game" Album Cover


Time To Set the Stones Is the Best Song on "The Game"

Time to Set the Stones is the first outstanding song about setting the stones or the pieces to play a game. When you enter this life, can you choose where you want to stand? In some cases to a certain extent we have control of the direction of our life. It is by no accident that this writer decided to become a published author. That reality manifested because of my willingness to conduct research on how to write articles and get paid for them, so that was no accident. However, if we choose to play the game of life all alone and to try and figure things out by ourselves, that is where we will struggle. In 2019, I still enjoy the lead guitar work! The piano part sets in as this is further proof of the amazing creativity of this song!

The Beginning That Lies Song Review

The Beginning That Lies is a beautiful song that describes what happens when someone is nearing the end of their life. As the soul begins to spasm the body loses control of its life. The Game is actually a concept album that looks at the game of life. Life is considered a game that we play as humans. Although we may miss certain things about life, there is a certain level of peace after death? Or is it really peaceful? I guess we will never really know until we experience passing on for ourselves.

"The Game" Other Songs

Then comes the longest song in the album called Empress Through the Looking Glass – A Dream. The song tries to convey first of all that human life is actually a very short and insignificant time compared to eternity. This is true but at the same time, life is a precious and enjoyable gift. The riffing gets even more beautiful as one of the best interludes in the band’s history is here in this song. In life with the minutes, hours, or days we have, some of us engage in forbidden activities such as drinking forbidden wine as the song mentions. Window to the Sky is a piano filled ballad about someone that wants to end the lying and deception in their life. Our thoughts and feelings are the biggest indicator of what will manifest in our reality. We’ll Sea is a song about someone that woke up one morning witnessing the sunshine as all the light were shining but she did not care where she would go to. The Creature That You Came to See…Reprise is a song that asks the question “did you see my birth and my death?" It is said that life is a game that begins again and again. There is a reference to reincarnation and rebirth. The Game is an excellent heavy Gothic rock album by one of Austria’s finest metal bands ever!

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© 2018 Ara Vahanian


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