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A Review of the EP called Subterranean (1995) by the band In Flames

Updated on January 12, 2018
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Subterranean: the front cover

All we see on the front cover for Subterranean is a dark, blue sky that has been filled fire and ash. In spite of the cover, the music on the EP is very solid!
All we see on the front cover for Subterranean is a dark, blue sky that has been filled fire and ash. In spite of the cover, the music on the EP is very solid!

The songs on the Subterranean EP

  1. Stand Ablaze
  2. Everdying
  3. Subterranean
  4. Timeless (instrumental)
  5. Biosphere
  6. Dead Eternity (this song is on the album The Jester Race)
  7. The Inborn Lifeless
  8. Eye of the Beholder (Metallica cover)
  9. Murders in the Rue Morgue (Iron Maiden cover)

The musicians that play on the EP: part 1

Swedish melodic death metal band In Flames has been releasing album after album of excellent work. Their EP called Subterranean is no exception to this. The re-mastered version has four bonus songs including covers of Metallica and Iron Maiden songs. Vocalist Henke Forss does the vocals on the first five songs.

The rest of the personnel that play on this EP

Performing as guests on the album are Jocke Gothburg, Per Gyllenback, and Robert Dahne. Jesper Stromblad takes care of the guitar duties along with Glenn Ljungstrom. Johann Larsson plays the bass.

A Brief Review of Subterranean

The Inborn Lifeless is the song that is called Dead God in Me on the album "The Jester Race." This is the song that ends the album The Jester Race. After 1996, Anders Friden would take over the vocal duties and he has done so ever since. One example of a band that has released an EP is Milan, Italy’s Lacuna Coil. Releasing EP’s really adds to a band’s creative works and shows their variety. Also performing as guests on the album are drummers Daniel Erlandsson (Arch Enemy) and Anders Jivarp (Dark Tranquillity).

The song called The Inborn Lifeless

Subterranean the Rest of the Review

The opening song called Stand Ablaze has some keyboard play in it before making a transition into a song that we are familiar with. Everdying has a terrific catchy rhythm section before the song finishes with a nice acoustic section. The melodic death metal genre is full of bands but In Flames would be at the top of most fans preferences. However, the vocals of Henke Forss are tough to understand because of their raspy nature. But in spite of this Subterranean is a good EP to listen to. In Flames has consistently been able to provide a good contrast between the heavy and soft parts in their songs. There are also performances of a few cover songs on this release. The first one is Metallica’s Eye of the Beholder. Then, the EP finishes with a performance of the punk style song called Murders in the Rue Morgue. However, the original version is much better than this one. On this cover version, the song is slightly faster and the vocals are rougher. Even so, this is a decent way to cover one of the finest bands to have ever played heavy metal. These guys are just excellent at what they do! A score of 90 out of 100 is given for this EP.

Vocalist of In Flames since 1996

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The song called Everdying (one of the best in the band's history)

The song called Stand Ablaze

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