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A Review of the Bouncy Family Film "Flubber"

Updated on August 25, 2014

"Flubber" Movie Poster

"Flubber" Movie Poster
"Flubber" Movie Poster | Source

Movie Plotline

Professor Philip is searching for a new form of energy to save the college he works for. Along with the help of his sassy robot assistant Weebo he succeeds in creating green flying rubber (aka Flubber). Unfortunately his absentmindedness causes him to forget his own wedding and also infuriate the father of one of his student's and his rival who decide to steal Flubber for their own gain....


Flubber | Source


Robin Williams ("Good Will Hunting") as Professor Philip

Marcia Gay Harden ("50 Shades of Grey") as Sara

Christopher Macdonald ("Thelma and Louise") as Wilson

Raymond J. Barry ("Born on the Fourth of July")

Jodi Benson ("The Little Mermaid") as Weebo

Wil Wheaton ("Big Bang Theory") as Bennett



"Flubber" Movie Rating

4 stars for "Flubber"

"Flubber" Movie Review

This movie will make you laugh so hard you might just start flying in the air like Mary Poppin's uncle that laughed so hard he began to levitate much to the chagrin of Mary Poppins. Alright so you may not actually achieve that level of skill, but you will witness Flubber fly and many of the characters in this movie fly or bounce and it will make you laugh witnessing it! I decided to rewatch "Flubber" in the wake of Robin Williams passing and I have to say it holds up pretty well considering it was released a decade or so ago. I liked this movie when I was a kid. I loved Weebo's devious and sarcastic personality, the professor's strange absentmindedness, and Flubber's crazy silliness and penchant for dancing. I still love all of these factors in the movie after seeing it again with my daughter recently. It's just a great family comedy movie.

Good Things About "Flubber"

  • Slapstick humor
  • Robin Williams
  • Crazy story
  • Bizarre Flubber dance sequence
  • Weebo

The slapstick, looney tunes style humor is what sets this movie up for the most enjoyment. It's hilarious watching Professor Philip cause mayhem unintentionally and occasionally obliviously with the help of Flubber. The accidental pain the tiny green blob of Flubber inflicts is just so silly.

Robin Williams delivers an interesting performance as Professor Philip, a bumbling absentminded, yet brilliant chemistry professor. Robin Williams truly is a comedic force of nature.

The story itself makes the movie fun. It's just so crazy since it's about a professor and his hovering robot, yet at the same time it's about a relationship and a marriage. No wait it's actually about saving the college from being shut down! No no, that's not it at all! It's actually about a professor creating green goo. Wait, add on a story line about a disgruntled student and his dad that's trying to shut down the college and steal and use Flubber for their own gain. Hmm... it's at once about all of this. Typically I'd say there is too much storyline going on here, but I like how this works out in this movie.

When I was a kid I absolutely adored the Flubber dance sequence. Sometimes I'd even get up and dance along with the Flubber and Weebo on screen. Yeah, I was a weird kid, but it still was a good thing that it made me want to get up and dance. I still love dancing because of this movie in part I'm sure. Flubber dancing around and breaking up into smaller pieces of itself was just such an interesting thing to see. I remember the movie posters before the movie came out even had images of Flubber dancing and after I saw it in the theater I kept bringing up that scene whenever I talked about the movie to friends or my sister.

I just love Weebo in this movie too. She's just got so much sass, deviousness, and attitude that you fall in love with her. She's voiced by Jodi Benson who voiced Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" and Thumbelina in "Thumbelina". That robot was just so awesome and made me wish I had a fun little robot that flew around, helped me with my schedule, could communicate with me, and could play cartoons on her screen.

Bad Things About "Flubber"

  • The Wedding
  • Perhaps it may be confusing to some younger audiences

Spoilers! This is a bit of a no brainer that the wedding is a bit horrible. I suppose it's meant to be funny, but it just comes off as sad that he stands her up at the altar three times and you feel bad for Sara and wish Philip wasn't so absentminded. Three times is just harsh. It's not just absentmindedness. It's just a plain jerk move.

This movie may be a little confusing to very younger audiences. I remember not understanding why the son's grades were important for him to play college basketball. I remember not understanding why Weebo created a female version of herself on the computer and dressed her in a sensual nightgown to go see the professor when I was a really little kid. Maybe it's good thing I didn't understand those things, yet I can't help feeling this film is borderline PG-13 level and they just toned it down enough to get a PG rating so more kids could see it and they could make more money. I honestly don't think the movie needs a PG-13 rating of course. It just could have easily had more adult content added to make it more adult orientated then kid orientated. Overall it's not that difficult for a kid to understand what's going on in the movie.

Similar Movies to "Flubber"

  • "Back to the Future"
  • "Robots"

Who Is This Movie For?

I'd say older kids, like seven and up will like this movie the most and grasp what's going on. It's a fun family movie and adults can enjoy it as well if they have kids or not. If you are a fan of comedies you will like "Flubber". I give it a four out of five star rating.

"Flubber" Movie Quoteables

"If we were interested in making money we wouldn't have become teachers." -Professor Philip, "Flubber"

"I love you with every cell, every particle. I love you on a subatomic level." -Professor Philip, "Flubber"

Flubber dance scene


Movie Trivia

In the film poster where Philip is wearing his goggles and Flubber isn't wearing glasses some bubbles of flubber in the right-hand corner form a Mickey. This is a nod to this being a Disney film.

Who is your favorite character in "Flubber"?

Who is your favorite character in "Flubber"?

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"Flubber" Movie Trailer


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