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Blind: A Movie Review

Updated on May 28, 2017

2011 Best Screenplay in the 48th Grand Bell Awards

Kim Ha-neul won the 2011 48th Grand Bell Awards and 32nd Blue Dragon Film Awards as Best Actress.
Kim Ha-neul won the 2011 48th Grand Bell Awards and 32nd Blue Dragon Film Awards as Best Actress.


Min Soo-ah (Kim Ha-neul), a cadet at the police academy encounters a dreadful car accident with her surrogate younger brother Dong-hyun (Park Bo-gum). Soo-ah becomes blind and is left alone in her life with a dog who watches after her. She blames herself for using handcuffs that lead to Dong-hyun's (Park Bo-gum) death. She wanted to simply avoid him from going back to the club but a car accident kills him for not being able to escape. Her police career ends but one night, she takes a cab and the driver hits something that he refers to as a dog. Soo-ah suspects that he's lying because she's blind. She goes to the police and reports a possible hit and run. A teenager named Kwon Gi-seob (Yoo Seung-ho) claims to be a witness. His life is at stake so Soo-ah tries to warn him but then she turns out to be a target. Gi-seob guides her via cellphone until she fully escapes but her dog becomes a casualty. The dog dies for saving her. Both of them eventually becomes the target of a supposedly serial killer because the hit and run case appears to be related to other cases of female missing persons. They soon uncover that the serial killer is a gynecologist so they both hide in the orphanage until the police arrests him. Unfortunately, the killer tracks them. Soo-ah and Gi-seob both fight for their life while the police is on their way.

Movie Review

The movie shows how life always gives you another chance to redeem to yourself through another incident. It may have been very unfortunate for a blind person to go through something dangerous but in the end, it shows that even the hopeless and helpless cases get a new start in life. Soo-ah solves a dreadful crime through her other senses which were impressively too sensitive and imperative to any investigation. Hence, she gets re-admitted to the police academy and graduates.

Her dog and Gi-seob were her guardian angels. These are good characters in the movie that made it more fascinating, giving hope to a blind person. The suspense of not being able to see that the serial killer is just nearby, gave this movie a big thrill for getting away from the most impossible life-threatening situations. Park Bo-gum showed a shocking great performance for a debut in this movie and that small part surely made a big impact to the audience. Kim Ha-neul's portrayal as a blind person gives goosebumps from simple facial expressions and gestures. Overall, the movie has potential though there could've been more to the story. The actors did great but it was lacking visuals and action sequences.

Blind (Korean movie w. English Sub - All Region DVD) Kim Ha Neul (Actor), Yoo Seung Ho (Actor) Format: DVD


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