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A Review of the Song "Mae Nomeri" by Japanese Pop Music Group Ske48

Updated on October 24, 2021
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

"Mae Nomeri" Was an Immediate Success in Terms of Sales

In a previous article I had written that the song "Mae Nomeri" by Japanese girl group SKE48 was the last single for Rena Matsui before she graduated from the group in August 2015. What is missing however a review of the song itself. Mae Nomeri is the 18th single released by SKE48. And like many of the singles that I have written about, Mae Nomeri was a success upon its release, reaching #1 on the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart and it ended up selling over 370,000 copies.

The Limited Edition Type A CD Cover for Mae Nomeri

A photo of former member of SKE48 Rena Matsui.
A photo of former member of SKE48 Rena Matsui. | Source

Special Note About This Article Before We Proceed

The above section was not in the first article about Rena Matsui but here we go about the song Mae Nomeri!

How Well Did the Single Mae Nomeri Sell in Japan?

According to statistics put out by the Oricon Yearly Singles Chart show that this song was the 14th best-selling single of Japan in the year 2015. The single sold over 459, 769 copies. By January 2016, the single had sold 461,604 copies.

The Limited Edition Type B CD Cover for Mae Nomeri

Singer Jurina Matsui at a beach in Okinawa, Japan smiling and holding a pair of shoes.
Singer Jurina Matsui at a beach in Okinawa, Japan smiling and holding a pair of shoes.

"Mae Nomeri" Music Box Version No Vocals

What is the Song Mae Nomeri About?

The song’s title means enthusiasm and the song discusses what happens when someone notices that another person has really been running around as the sweat pours from their body. But the other person lives life to run enthusiastically. But she somehow has doubts because she believes that this exciting new world that she wants to discover cannot be found so easily. Enthusiasm sets in as she really runs, feeling like she is nearing her dreams. She feels the wind touching her face because she is alive. She calls the sweat comfortable because in her mind all of this running is worth it, it is worth the price in spite of adults telling her to walk through life. Even if she fails, she will go on with her life as hope builds strength or does it? The song ends with the message of “let’s live enthusiastically.” As part of this enthusiastic living, it is said that youth is described as a winding road. The song brings up the very important point that even if we fail at something in life, we must keep on going and have that strength. Yes, enthusiasm is indeed a wonderful thing!

What Happens in the Music Video for Mae Nomeri?

The music video for this song begins as Rena Matsui is sitting what looks like a command center and she speaks into the microphone talking about the song as the scene shits to a beach in Okinawa. Two lines are formed as Matsui is seen giving what looks like mini high fives to the girls as the dancing begins. The girls explore all around the island of Okinawa even going on speed boat rides in the water.

"Mae Nomeri" Piano Version

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