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A Review of the album Enemy of God by elite German thrash metal band Kreator

Updated on December 22, 2017

A photo of the CD Enemy of God

Who are Kreator and why are they such a great band?

Kreator has been one of the longest lasting thrash metal bands in Germany and they are good! That’s why they deserve more coverage from a writer like me. Their 2005 album called Enemy of God is thrash metal infused with lots of melody. Are the guys in the band Slayer listening to this? What is on this album will put Slayer and Megadeth to shame!

Who are the other members that perform on the album?

The album also features the contribution of Finnish born guitarist Sami Yli-Sirnio. Sami also plays in the Finnish band called Waltari. Christian Giesler plays the bass guitar while Jurgen Reil plays the drums. The vocals are done by Mille Petrozza who has improved much since 1990. to best describe his vocal style, imagine a higher pitched but better version of Randy Rampage, former vocalist of the band Annihilator.

Some Reasons Why Enemy of God is such a great thrash metal album

Enemy of God is the first album I heard from these guys and I knew I had to have it in my collection! There is not a single bad song on this CD much like the way Metallica’s Kill em All album is full of hard-hitting thrash metal. But this album has the speed, creativity, and melody which puts it in the elite category of thrash metal. The album came out in the same year as Holy Moses’ Strength Power Will Passion album. But this album is even better than that one.

What is the vocal style of Mille Petrozza?

Petrozza has a more raspy voice while Sabina Classen has a more death metal like growl. This article is not about who is the better vocalist but this is just a slight comparison between two vocalists in the metal genre. Kreator is considered to be one of the main top three German 80’s thrash bands along with Sodom and Destruction. I haven’t heard much from those two bands but Kreator stands out to me as one of the best German heavy metal bands formed in the 1980’s.

The song called Voices of the Dead

Enemy of God: the songs of the album

  1. Enemy of God
  2. Impossible Brutality
  3. Suicide Terrorist
  4. World Anarchy
  5. Dystopia
  6. Voices of the Dead
  7. Murder Fantasies
  8. When Death Takes It’s Dominion
  9. One Evil Comes-A Million Follow
  10. Dying Race Apocalypse
  11. Under a Total Blackened Sky
  12. The Ancient Plague

Strength Power Will Passion v. Enemy of God

Which one of these albums do you like better?

See results

The album Enemy of God: a brief review of this outstanding thrash metal classic

The lyrical themes on the album tend to be political in nature ranging from fall of governments, violence, terrorism, and war. Even so, it does not detract from the music one bit. The melodic song Impossible Brutality is about a government that controls and brainwashes its citizens as the people die because war has ravaged their country. Suicide Terrorist is a song about a religious fanatic bringing destruction to the place that he attacks. World Anarchy is about what can happen in the world when there is no law and order. The song though starts out with a scream by Mille Petrozza. Voices of the Dead has a soft guitar part similar to the way that the song Space Clearing starts out with a soft guitar part as it transitions into a very melodic metal song. Murder Fantasies is about a person that is consumed with so much anger and hate that the only objective that is on his mind is to kill those that he deems to be inferior to him.

Kreator: Enemy of God review part 2

When Death Takes It’s Dominion is the first song I ever heard from Kreator and this is the song that influenced me to hear more of the music from these guys and the rest is history. The song Dying Race Apocalypse uses a brilliant guitar part in the beginning which shows the versatility of this band. There is a scream by Mille Petrozza before the song starts. Is the final hour of he world's existence coming? In the 1980's the band brought attention to various social issues and in 2005 with so many challenges for the world, the possibility of further chaos exists. Overall, Enemy of God is a fantastic album that should even appeal to guitar players around the world. The album has everything that an album needs to be great one. These are lots of speed, aggression, melody, and vocals that match the style of the songs. If you are a fan of German thrash metal, this album is an essential one to have.

The song called When Death Takes It's Dominion

The song called The Ancient Plague (more awesome melody here)

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The Song Called Dying Race Apocalypse

The Song Called World Anarchy


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