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Review-Nattfodd (NightBorn) by Finnish Folk Metal band Finntroll Released in 2007

Updated on August 12, 2017
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An image of the CD called NightBorn


Band members involved in the album

Tapio Wilska: vocals

Mikael Karlborn: guitars

Samuli Ponsimaa: guitars

Sami Uusitalo: bass guitars

Henri Sorvali: keyboards (he is also the producer of the album along with Uusitalo).

Samu Ruotsalainen: drums

An introduction to the band Finntroll and the beauty of the album

Finntroll are a folk metal band from Finland. That means that they mix Finnish black metal with folk music to create an interesting and enjoyable combination of music. Their 3rd album Nattfodd (Nightborn) is their 3rd album and one of their best. It was released in September 2004. I had the opportunity to see them play live back in 2007. It was released through Spinefarm Records in Finland and Century Media outside of Finland. The band sings or rather growls in the Swedish language for the album. You don’t need to understand Swedish to enjoy this album. The album provides 37 minutes of music that is haunting, enchanting, well-written and beautiful! I am writing the song titles in English whenever possible. This is done with the intention of making it easier for readers. I did this same thing for the Mokoma album reviews. If you enjoy albums that are short yet have beautifully written songs that will keep you wanting to hear more, this album is a great choice.

Track Listing for NightBorn

  1. Windtravel/Human Plague
  2. Eliytres (definite folk metal influence in this song)
  3. Fisherman’s Enemy
  4. The Trollhammer
  5. Nightborn
  6. Ancient Mushroom
  7. Market Tune
  8. The Icecold Trollblood
  9. Children of the Cave
  10. Smoke (instrumental)

A brief review of the album NightBorn

The album begins with the captivating and beautiful song called Windtravel/Human Plague. It has some growling vocals that stretch for a while. In the middle of the song there is an awesome melodic part that is one of the best things this band has ever composed. It is so beautiful that it still leaves me amazed even after so many listens.

The Trollhammer is a song that uses organ and creates that definite folk music that Finland is known for. The excellent fast song called Ancient Mushroom has a great keyboard sound. It makes you want to get up and dance! Make sure to get those endorphins released when you can! Ancient Mushroom is a song about wild beasts dancing around as a fire burns in a forest. They are looking to someone called the Ripfather for advice about what to do. They are supposed to drive fear into the hearts of men. Market Tune starts with some chanting style vocals before presenting the listener with some growls in the song. The album ends with the excellent instrumental called Smoke. The song has simple acoustic guitar yet it is so beautiful that words cannot describe it! There are no bad songs in the album. This is one of the finest moments in the career of Finntroll for sure! When any band includes a soft instrumental song in an album, it adds variety to it and makes the album stronger. It shows a willingness to explore other aspects of music. This writer gives the album a score of 90 out of 100 points.

The song called Ancient Mushroom

The song called Smoke

The song called NightBorn


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