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A Review of the Album Rainbow 7 by Morning Musume Released in 2006

Updated on August 1, 2018
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Ara is currently an Accounting student at Glendale Community College in Glendale. CA. His main goal in life is the enjoyment of it.

Rainbow 7: the front album cover


Track listing for Rainbow 7 (the best songs are in bold)

  1. How do you like Japan?
  2. The Manpower!!
  3. Let the Future be one where the blue sky extends forever!
  4. Osaka Love Song
  5. Indigo Blue Love
  6. Rainbow Pink
  7. Sexy Impatience
  8. In a Colorless, Transparent State
  9. Purple Wind
  10. See You Again… BYE BYE
  11. The Story of Noisy Girls 3
  12. The Fish that got away was big! (That’s Right Totally Remix)

The album Rainbow 7 features the contributions of Mari Yaguchi and Rika Ishikawa

Pop music group Morning Musume entered 2006 still in their 8th year of existence. On February 15, 2006, their 7th studio album Rainbow 7 was released. This was the first Morning Musume album that I bought. However, it is not as good as 2010’s 10 MY ME. I wrote all the song titles in English to make it easier for readers to follow along. The album did very well in Japan, reaching #7 on the Oricon music charts. It would stay on the charts for five weeks and sell 44,714 copies. Rainbow 7 would be the last album to feature original member Kaori Iida and second generation member Mari Yaguchi. Note: at the first writing of this article Yaguchi was on a hiatus period following her major sex scandal. Also making their appearances on this album are Hitomi Yoshizawa (Hangry & Angry) and Rika Ishikawa, one of the most beautiful and charming members in the history of Morning Musume. Perhaps it is no coincidence that her nickname is Charmy.

Why is Rainbow 7 a significant album?

This album would mark the debut of Koharu Kusumi. It would also be the last album for Asami Konno and Makoto Ogawa. Ogawa would graduate from Morning Musume in 2006 and live in New Zealand until 2008. Ai Takahashi and Risa Niigaki are members for this album as well. They would hold the record for the most number of days spent in Morning Musume until that record was broken by Sayumi Michishige. The entire 6th generation of this group would also sing on Rainbow 7. Rainbow 7 would also be the first album for Yoshizawa as band leader. Ishikawa would leave Morning Musume to focus on the band called v-u-den. This was a unit within Hello! Project that featured singers Erika Miyoshi and Yui Okada. Ishikawa would serve as the group’s leader until 2008 when the group disbanded. She would then form the duo of Hangry & Angry with Ishikawa soon after this. It has now been over ten years since the release of Rainbow 7. So how good is the album?

A photo of former band leader Sayumi Michishige

Sayumi Michishige who called herself the cutest member of Morning Musume was the band's leader from 2012 until the end of 2014.
Sayumi Michishige who called herself the cutest member of Morning Musume was the band's leader from 2012 until the end of 2014.

The Manpower is one of the good songs in the early stages of the album

The album opens up with “How do you like Japan?” It is one of the weakest songs in Morning Musume’s career. It sounds like the kind of song that a rap artist would write. It definitely has a pop kind of feel to it. However, it is a song that is sub-standard. The Manpower is certainly an improvement from the first track. The chanting style of singing makes this one an interesting song. Morning Musume would use this vocal style later in songs such as Password is 0. The first half of the album is average at best.

The first song has quite a bit of male grunts and it is slow. If the band’s intent was to attract a bigger fan base by trying to sound more up tempo, this song doesn’t quite do it musically.

The official music video for the song called The Manpower!!

Koharu Kusumi the only 7th generation member of Morning Musume


The album gets better in the second half with songs such as Purple Wind

But then with Rainbow Pink, the band starts to show some of their singing and songwriting prowess. The song was performed LIVE with lots of narration involved. The song talks about someone that has fallen in love. The next song called Sexy Impatience has some classical guitar in it and sounds like an upbeat Gipsy Kings style song. This song would be followed by the one called In a Transparent, Colorless State. The song is soft and soothing to the ears. You can relax in a chair and listen to this one. However, I don’t think that there are any songs on this album as good as the one called Wagamama ki no Mama Ai no Joke). That’s just fine because these girls know how to sing and express their talents. See You Again… BYE BYE is a repetitive song that can lose its appeal after a while, so this one might be skipped over by some of us.

One of my favorite members of the group Makoto Ogawa

Final thoughts about the album Rainbow 7

Rainbow 7 is a pretty good album by Morning Musume. It is not a terrible album but it is not as well written as 10 MY ME. However, the album does have its solid moments and I have to give it credit for this. Rainbow 7 gets a total of 70 points out of 100 from this writer and Morning Musume fan. Of all the members on this album only Yaguchi and Ogawa are not in the entertainment industry as of 2015. Ogawa announced her retirement in March 2015 after 14 years singing and modeling. Morning Musume is called Morning Musume 17 now and they are still going after 20 years. They are still a very good pop music group along with C-ute, and AKB48.

The Song Osaka Koi no Uta (Osaka Love Song)

The song called Sexy Impatience

A live performance of the song Purple Wind

© 2016 Ara Vahanian


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