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A Review of the album "Winternight Tragedies" the excellent melodic black metal album by Catamenia

Updated on January 6, 2018
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The album cover for Winternight Tragedies

The album cover features a wolf that is angry and snarling. There is a full moon in sight as the tree is bare and has no leaves. The band uses wolves on their album covers for some reason.
The album cover features a wolf that is angry and snarling. There is a full moon in sight as the tree is bare and has no leaves. The band uses wolves on their album covers for some reason.

Who are Catamenia?

Long time Finnish black metal legends Catamenia come out with another album that shows its brilliance in melodies. I’m sure that when most people think of black metal that Norway comes to mind. But Finland has black metal bands also and Catamenia is one of the best in the music business for sure. The band is more symphonic because of some orchestration and they are also really, really melodic. Catamenia’s style can best be described as melodic black metal. This is the first Catamenia album I ever heard and it was a listening experience that I will not forget. The album "Winternight Tragedies" is another album in the band’s history and let me say that it is one of their best. The album is over 47 minutes long and was released in 2005. "Winternight Tragedies" also explores the Finnish language as there are two songs sung entirely in Finnish.

The song Verikansa has one of the most beautiful interludes that fans will ever hear

The first of these is called “Verikansa” which I absolutely love! It has got some good chanting vocals and the rhythm is just so catchy it cannot be explained. Listen to this one and you will find out its awesomeness. The song also has an interlude that will leave you wanting to listen to it over and over again. You wonder how a band could compose such awesome music. But it is no surprise as Finland is just loaded with talented musicians. They just seem to have that musical ability and talent from the day they are born. The album is especially good to listen to on a day that you have darkness, clouds and rain outside because it may remind you of Finland’s darkness too. I would also enjoy this album on a cold and dark day because this album is a black metal album and I think that black metal and cold weather do mix.


Track Listing for the album Winternight Tragedies

  1. The Heart of Darkness
  2. Verikansa
  3. Strength and Honor
  4. The Crystal Stream
  5. Kaamos Warrior
  6. My Blood Stained Path
  7. Perinto Pohjolan
  8. Iced Over
  9. The Ancient
  10. Fuel For Hatred

The qualities that make the album a great one to listen to

The vocals in this album are performed by Olli Jukka or O.J. Mustonen who replaced original vocalist and one of the band’s founders Mika Tonning. He has a really raspy kind of vocal style kind of like Jeff Walker. Riku Hopeakoski is still with the band as usual and handles the guitar work. The opening track called “The Heart of Darkness” contains a part that is once again brilliantly written. This brilliance is present throughout much of the album and shows the creativity, talent, and hard work the band put in to make their 6th release possible. It sounds like an interlude or mini solo. The opening song starts out with some nice and fast guitar picking. Midway through the album, we have songs such as “The Crystal Stream” which is a great song because of the great guitar playing and “Kaamos Warrior” which also has another catchy groove to it. These catchy songs seem to be a kind of contagion and they will leave you wanting to listen to them more. Perhaps my favorite song on the album is “My Blood Stained Path” which contains great raspy vocals by Mustonen. The other Finnish language song in the album is “Perinto Pohjolan.” The album contains the song called “Fuel for Hatred” which is a Satyricon song.

For those of you that like symphonic black metal, this album is a great choice because of its good, raspy vocals in spite of the fact that they are sometimes inaudible. Also, the album has great songwriting, and catchy rhythms. This album receives 90 out of 100 points and is one of the best metal albums of 2005.

The excellent song called Verikansa

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The very catchy song called Kaamos Warrior

Vocalist that preceded O.J. Mustonen in Catamenia

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The song called The Ancient

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